Small Business Marketing Case Studies

Small Business Marketing Case Studies

We’re proud of our work and the exceptional quality our small business marketing agency provides our clients—and they have great things to say about us too. Below you’ll find a number of case studies from our work with clients that describe the challenges, solutions and results of each project as well as client testimonials.

992.78% More Search Traffic

We worked with Paul Jarvis to use content marketing and SEO to drive nearly 1,000% more traffic to his MailChimp training course.

Small Business Marketing Case Study -

725% More Website Forms & 304% Increase in Search Rankings

Central Tube and Bar

We worked with an small industrial manufacturer to help them see an enormous return on their investment in our marketing services with increased leads, search rankings, and earned media mentions. 

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Central Tube and Bar

436% Growth from Search Engine Traffic

EdTech Professional Monica Burns

We designed a website to optimize her page views and showcase her particular strengths in teaching educators about the latest classroom technology to help secure speaking engagements.

Small Business Marketing Case Study - EdTech Professional Monica Burns

291% More Website Forms & 188% More Phone Calls

Big John Tree Spades

We've worked with Big John to help them increase their search rankings by 77%, drive significantly more traffic, and increase their leads with integrated marketing, a custom website, and viral earned media.

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Big John Tree Spades

Tripled Revenue & Increased Traffic by 325%

Sarah Von Bargen

We worked with a finance and lifestyle website to optimize their SEO and make strategic improvements that lead to a triple in ad revenue and increase in overall traffic by 325%

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Sarah Von Bargen

Advanced Features with Affordable Price

Wander With Véro

We helped a Paris tour guide get advanced website features with a semi-custom design for one affordable price that allows visitors to easily browse tourism guides, book a tour, and buy affiliate products.

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Wander With Véro

Expert Guidance for Website Build

Nadel & Gussman

We worked with a well-known name in Oklahoma's oil & gas industry to build their first corporate website and establish their online presence. 

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Nadel & Gussman

Affiliate API Development

We worked with an affiliate ecommerce company that serves the wedding industry to develop an API integration that automatically populated products from selected items in the most popular shopping affiliate networks.

Small Business Marketing Case Study -

Captured 50 Targeted Leads

Conway Area Chamber of Commerce

We helped a Chamber of Commerce build a website to capture leads at a conference and overcame tight timelines and budgets to help them grow.

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Conway Area Chamber of Commerce

Meaningful Website Design Simplified

Sanguine Gas Exploration

We worked with an oil & gas company to showcase their brand of grit & determination with a website design that evoked the red dirt spirit of Oklahoma. 

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Sanguine Gas Exploration

Targeted Branded Search for Growth

Stone Sales Agency, Inc.

We worked with an electrical manufacturer representative to build their website with local SEO to beat out another company with the same name in another industry in search rankings. 

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Stone Sales Agency, Inc.

New Digital Presence & Local SEO Consistency

Fulmer Family Dentistry

We helped a dental practice transition to a new name after the retirement of a dentist with a new website that highlights their friendly office and cleaned up misinformation about their practice on the internet.

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Fulmer Family Dentistry

Vibrant Website for Family Medical Clinic

Tilley Family Medicine

We worked with a new family medicine clinic to create a vibrant website that reflected their patients' outlook on life & their approach to medicine and established a strong local SEO foundation.

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Tilley Family Medicine

Record Breaking Q4 Sales

Lauray's The Diamond Center

We worked with a local jewelry store to increase their foot traffic and rankings that lead to record breaking Q4 sales.

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Lauray's The Diamond Center

Growth through SEO & Website Design

Conway Counseling & Wellness

We helped a counseling firm establish a website for their new location opening that lead to increased search traffic and helped them open two additional locations. 

Small Business Marketing Case Study - Conway Counseling & Wellness