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There are a thousand directions you could take your law firm to get closer towards your vision of success. Figuring out how to market your law firm requires you to navigate different strategies and cut through the noise to reveal the one with the greatest impact.

We give our clients the guidance required to find their own path and we act as a trusted partner to take care of the details.

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Legal Marketing Services

We offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing services that simplify the marketing process to help your law firm realize its full potential.


Get your firm to the top of search results with strategic organic SEO strategy and convert visitors into new clients.


Drive interest in your firm with legal advertising services, including Google Ads.

Website Design

Give your business an online home that captures leads and streamlines retention processes.

Content Marketing

Drive free leads with well-written website content and become a thought leader in your practice area.

Social Media

Use social media to build a following and cultivate a referral network of past clients to grow your firm.

Reputation Management

Build your reputation as a leading law firm with five-star reviews and push down negative reviews.

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Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Our Commitment to Quality

When you consider all the hard, stressful things you do each day, marketing your law firm doesn’t even come close to the top of the list. From dealing with clients and opposing counsel to convincing judges or juries, your day is filled with stressful, yet conquerable problems.

But let me guess, you haven’t yet gotten over the hurdle of successfully marketing your law firm? Marketing seems easy, but it often is much more difficult and time consuming than you anticipated and so you end up mostly ignoring it. No matter where you are in your legal career, you are searching for marketing you can rely on.

Our team at Orsanna helps law firms using methods we’ve developed over years of marketing our clients. These techniques have proven to be successful in helping law firms develop new business more easily and effectively.

Our methods aren't for everyone. We work best with law firms who want ethical, growth oriented marketing and are committed to being the best firm in their region for their practice areas.

Request a consultation to learn how we can help transform your goals into a reality.

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"Orsanna was able to expertly guide us. I would definitely recommend them."

- Shelley Nichols, Nadel and Gussman

"We would highly recommend Orsanna, especially for law firms who need to attract new clients!"

- Corey McGaha, Crowder McGaha

Building Pathways to Law Firm Success

Our law firm marketing process centers on creating custom marketing plans tailored to our clients' unique firm goals and strengths to create authentic connections with potential clients and referral sources.

Supervised by an Attorney

Highly trained marketing staff experienced in legal-specific marketing and actively overseen by a licensed attorney.

Committed to Ethics

Unprecedented awareness of ethics to our work and help our clients understand the ramifications of their marketing without sacrificing performance.

Focused on Lead Quality

We focus on improving quality of leads by using advanced advertising strategies to reduce time wasted on poor quality leads.

Compete with Confidence

Overcome the challenges of growing your firm with smarter strategies to take advantage of competitor weaknesses.

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Request a free initial consultation with our legal marketing experts to learn how your firm can start seizing opportunities with a law firm marketing plan developed for your firm's unique challenges and goals.

Consultations last roughly 45 minutes and provide valuable insights into how your firm can improve your marketing with specific, actionable steps you can start taking to achieve your firm's biggest goals.

We'll also talk about how we can work together, pricing, total marketing and advertising costs, and milestones for work together.

Still Researching?

Read Our Legal Marketing Resources

Educating our customers is the first step of our journey towards your firm's goals. f you'd like to learn more about marketing for attorneys and law firms and how it may benefit your firm, get answers to common questions, download our guide, and read our extensive articles.

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Common Questions about Law Firm Marketing

Many lawyers feel that actively marketing their firm should be a focus of every associate through networking and building an individual book of business. With more associate turnover and increase in competition in the legal marketplace, many firms find that networking and traditional business development methods are no longer as effective as they once were.

Today's successful law firms prioritize marketing as something the firm itself should engage in, not solely dependent on associates to bring in new business. Modern marketing not only brings in leads with less attention and time from associates but also supports the efforts of associates building a book of business, reducing the number of non-billable hours and increasing profitability per associate.

When done well, marketing can also reflect well on your law firm to not only drive new business but also build up your firm's reputation and respect in your community. Law firm marketing comes in many forms so identifying the right marketing partner to deliver exceptional quality can make the difference in the perception of your firm.

Marketing a law firm today focuses primarily on digital marketing as the majority of legal service consumers are searching online for legal representation, according to market research by Clio. Second only to referrals from friends and family, a law firm's website and search presence drive the majority of new business and allows law firms to tap into new client bases without an introduction.

The specific strategy that will work for your firm is largely dependent on your practice area, target clientele, and the competitiveness of your region. Some law firms can easily become the leader in their practice area with a minimal investment in law firm marketing while others have a significant hurdle to overcome.

We start off by developing a law firm marketing strategy unique to your firm's needs. Your unique plan takes into consideration the timelines and difficulties for success in all your practice areas and focuses on identifying the most lucrative, easiest to acquire business first while working towards long-term, more sustainable practice areas. Online marketing plans can include anything from website development and SEO to newsletters and billboards, but it is all tailored to your budget and specific needs.

Most law firms need both marketing and advertising to stay competitive in today’s legal landscape, but it largely depends on your firm’s practice areas, region, and competition. Looking at what competing firms are doing can give you a good idea of what will be required for your firm to be successful.

At a minimum, most law firms need to maintain an active website with comprehensive information for organic search, have well-managed Google Ads campaigns, and use Google My Business profile tools to improve local search rankings. Firms in more competitive practice areas or regions may also need to incorporate other aspects of digital marketing, like social media marketing and advertising, and traditional advertising techniques.

We can help you better understand what marketing and advertising is best suited for your firm’s goals and budget in a consultation.

There's a wide range in how much law firms spend on marketing and it varies based on a number of factors, including firm size, practice areas, lifetime client value, competition, and region. Successful firms may spend as much as 20% of the gross revenues on marketing. Higher growth firms typically spend more on marketing than slower growth or static growth firms.

Developing your law firm's marketing budget should include competitor research and projections of ad spend costs to determine the right budget for marketing success for your growth goals. We help our customers determine their overall budget for marketing as part of our initial free consultation, as well as recommend the overarching strategies and spending amounts for each marketing channel as part of an integrated marketing approach.

Staying competitive in the legal market comes down to four key points: visibility, responsiveness, customer service, and results. Most law firms focus primarily on the last of the four elements, often neglecting the first three to their peril. 

In today’s legal market, getting in front of your potential clients when they’re looking for legal representation is one of the biggest challenges to overcome. It requires actively marketing your law firm to be where potential clients look for a law firm, using advertising to raise awareness of your firm, and building a strong referral network that scales traditional relationships easily. Strategies tend to focus on digital marketing because it’s more cost effective than many other channels to improve visibility of your firm. 

Responsiveness is also an important factor to staying competitive because legal service consumers are looking for someone right now who can help them with a pressing problem. Research shows that if your law firm doesn’t quickly respond to potential clients’ questions, you’ll miss a lot of opportunities to competitors. Beyond call answering services and proper intake processes to use lawyers’ time efficiently, using technology to make your law firm more efficient at managing legal leads is key to staying competitive. 

Customer service goes hand in hand with responsiveness, both before and after clients retain your firm. Addressing concerns and treating clients with dignity and respect, regardless of their legal situation or profitability of their case is essential to cultivating great relationships with clients who have the potential to be great referral sources. As well, protecting your law firm’s reputation starts with customer service. It’s much easier to benefit your reputation online with an overwhelming number of positive reviews rather than online profiles peppered with negative ones. 

Working with an experienced law firm marketing agency can help you address visibility, responsiveness, and customer service issues to keep your law firm competitive in your legal market.

Marketing that prioritizes quality typically outperforms other approaches because of how modern marketing works today. Potential clients often see through low-quality or spammy marketing tactics that are all too common in the legal field. In addition, search engines give priority to websites that demonstrate quality factors related to authority, expertise, and trust.

Exceptional marketing places a high priority on better addressing the questions and needs of your ideal clients rather than your competitors, which has a direct effect on the quality and quantity of lead generation. It also takes into account the weakness of your competitors and seeks out opportunities they may have missed or overlooked to carve out a lucrative niche and solidify market leadership early.

Our marketing agency for lawyers focuses on outperforming your competitors by better responding to potential clients' concerns as they search for legal representation and using competitor research to identify opportunities for your firm to succeed. As an attorney-owned marketing agency, we can better identify new niches in complementary practice areas that grow your client base thanks to our legal insight and practice management knowledge. We've helped clients with smaller budgets successfully compete thanks to an integrated approach focused on showcasing the firm's authority, expertise, and trust.