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Digital Advertising for Law Firms

We provide law firm advertising services to help our clients grow their law firms through highly targeted digital advertising and lawyer ad campaigns. In a highly competitive legal advertising landscape, we offer a unique competitive advantage for our clients. Our attorney advertising team combines knowledge of what makes a great case and ethics rules with how to highly target the right individuals with digital advertising.

Why Choose Our Attorney Advertising Experts

High Quality Leads with Better Attorney Ad Management

Not only are we attorney-owned and operated and understand the nuances of legal advertising, we've also had a history of exceptional results for our clients. Our legal advertising team understands how to highly target the right individuals with digital advertising and uses quality control to produce better quality leads for our clients.

Attorney-Owned & Operated

We understand better than many law firm ad companies what makes a great, lucrative case for our clients and focus on producing better leads.

One Firm Focus

We believe that advertising your competitors hurts your ability to rank in search engines. We work with an enduring commitment to one firm per practice area per region.

Integrated Solutions

We combine marketing and advertising to reduce spend for our clients so they can stay competitive and grow their firms.

Quality Checked

Our in-house legal team reviews campaigns for quality throughout the process to maintain high standards and legal accuracy.

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Law Firm Advertising Case Studies

In today’s business environment, marketing and advertising are now more important than ever. Orsanna has a record of success helping law firms target their ideal clients and increase leads.

Our Integrated Lawyer Ad Process

Powerful Integrated Approach

At Orsanna, we help law firms navigate through what digital advertising can do to help their firm grow while keeping ethics rules at top of mind. Our process for helping law firms grow through legal advertising focuses on creating the most effective spend through a combination of marketing efforts and an integrated marketing approach. Our goal is that our clients get more leads from a variety of sources, supported through advertising, to increase their firms' revenues and caseload while reducing ad spend and keeping lead acquisition costs low.

Identifying Your Target Market

Developing an Integrated Approach

The best advertising for attorneys highly targets the right audience to prevent ad waste and inefficiency. We help you identify the ideal clientele your firm needs to succeed and develop a strategy to target those individuals with comprehensive marketing and advertising, reducing ad spend wasted on the wrong target market.

  • Identify the common traits of your most lucrative clients
  • Develop a plan to target those individuals with marketing and advertising
  • Identify the advertising channels to target individuals, including digital and traditional ads
  • Develop an advertising budget

Building Integrated Campaigns

Quality Checked by In-House Legal

After developing an integrated approach that balances lawyer online advertising, earned media strategies, and organic lead acquisition methods, we create ad campaigns using a unique process that helps your law firm stand out while tapping into the emotions and primary driving forces of your ideal clients.

  • Campaign creation and ad copy writing
  • Detailed demographic targeting
  • Keyword strategy implementation, including negative keywords
  • Quality checked by in-house legal

Measuring Results and Adjusting

Consistent Quality Improvements

The most successful campaigns aren't stagnant and constantly evolve based on results. We create a routine ad testing schedule to make consistent improvements to our clients' ads to dial in performance through a quality-focused process. Instead of optimizing for the volume of leads, we work closely with clients to optimize for the quality of leads gains through advertising.

  • Routine ppc advertising improvements
  • Consistent communication on results
  • Overall goal of reducing pay per click ad spend while increasing lead quality

Our Law Firm Advertising Services

Ethically Driven Modern Lawyer Ads

Effective lawyer advertising today looks very different than it did ten years ago and is significantly more accessible to smaller firms. Once centered only on expensive tv ads, billboards, and direct mail campaigns only the biggest firms could afford, internet advertising for lawyers is more affordable and cost effective today.

There is still a lot of uncharted territory when it comes to digital advertising for attorneys largely due to outdated Rule 7.2 restrictions. We're committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of digital advertising and targeting high quality leads with better informed advertising choices and processes.

Step 1

Identify Goals & Strategies

We coordinate with your sales teams to identify key business goals and tailor digital advertising strategies and select platforms based on those goals. Platforms can include Google Ads, LinkedIn, social media and more.

Step 2

Create Ad Campaigns & Targeting

Our team develops ad collateral and creates campaigns with the right targeting for your business goals. Advanced advertising strategies can allow us to focus on specific types of cases your intake team may be targeting.

Step 3

Campaign Monitoring & Reporting

Throughout the campaign, we monitor and make adjustments based on results and the financial impact on your business' goals. We maintain transparent reporting processes so your intake team can collaborate and get better results.

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Schedule an Advertising Consultation

We offer free initial consultations to discuss working together and make recommendations about advertising for your law firm. Consultations typically last 45 minutes and help you understand how you can start growing leads. Consultations typically cover:

  • Recommendations on which ad strategies may work best for your goals
  • Ad budget recommendations
  • Answers to questions about how advertising can solve your company's business challenges

Schedule a consultation to see how working with our legal advertising team works, pricing, and if we're the right fit for your needs.

Learn More About Lawyer Ads

What You Need To Know About Law Firm Advertising

The landscape of the advertising industry is constantly evolving, especially with burgeoning consumer awareness about privacy and ad tracking technologies. In addition, law firms need to not only be aware of changes in the ad industry but ethical updates and changes to how lawyers can gain new clients with advertising methods. We routinely post new articles about what lawyers need to know about advertising and attorney advertising ideas.

Lawyer Ads FAQ

If you're curious about growing your law firm with advertising, there are a wide variety of ways you can use lawyer ads to gain new clients that are effective at helping you grow your client base. Today's ad technologies offer a better ability to target your ideal clients than most traditional advertisements, allowing you to improve the quality of leads your ads bring to your firm.

We recommend starting off by identifying what kinds of clients and cases that are the most lucrative for your firm and developing a strategy to target those individuals specifically. We can help you get started with a free initial consultation to learn more about advertising options and what may work best for your firm.

At Orsanna, we offer both digital and traditional advertising services, including: 

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing Ads
  • Influencer Marketing Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Telephone directory listings
  • Business Cards
  • Letters and Mailings
  • Billboards
  • TV Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Legal notices

Our goal when we work with law firms is to provide effective lawyer ad management services that focus on increasing the quality of leads while decreasing the amount spent on advertising with highly targeted law firm advertising campaigns. Typically, we recommend firms emphasize certain kinds of advertising for the best results over others as well as recommended advertising spend.

While there are model rules, attorney advertising rules vary by jurisdiction quite a lot. Some states are very up to date and aware of the newest technologies for advertising while others haven't made updates to their rules and are silent as to modern technologies.

Some technologies that are commonly used in non-legal advertising campaigns can violate ethical rules so working with a lawyer ad provider with a deep understanding of ethics is important. For instance, geofencing often used on facebook ads for lawyers is an emerging technology that may be allowed in certain jurisdictions but not in others.

Lawyers should keep in mind that there are also restrictions from different ad platforms that have separate policies that can apply only to law firms. For example, law firms are often not allowed to use Google remarketing ads due to platform policies. As well, additional work may be required by your provider to shepherd ads through platform approval processes quickly and easily and working with an experienced provider like Orsanna can make advertising easier for your firm.

The costs of advertising your law firm vary depending on the methods used, your region, target clients, practice areas, competition, and a number of other factors. While there isn't a standard guideline for how much your firm should spend on advertising, the goal should be that your overall marketing and advertising budgets have a positive financial impact on your firm and you see a return on your investment.

We've found there is a minimum threshold of ad spend for success that varies according to the aforementioned factors and can make recommendations of what amount of ad spend is required to meet minimums for your ads to appear to your desired target market. Integrated marketing also allows you to gain organic leads through other non-paid means, which can reduce overall costs and balance out ad spend requirements.

We help our clients develop creative solutions and law firm advertising ideas to get the most effective spend and we are happy to speak with you about how we’ve helped law firms like yours succeed.

While Facebook advertising for lawyers generally doesn't violate ethical rules and isn't against social media platform policies, there are some very specific considerations for using social media ads for your law firm.

Law firms should be aware of the special restrictions they face when using social media platforms, especially concerning ethical rules about demographic targeting and geofencing. We advise our clients to review their state bar's Rule 7.2 and other ethical rules, including interpretive comments, and stay aware of how regulations on advertisements are changing. Some states are more active than others and have updated their rules to reflect emerging ad technologies while others are decidedly behind the times.

Understanding how your law firm advertising provider is using advertising platforms is important to understand ethical ramifications of your ads. Working with a partner you can trust and who can explain complex advertising methods in simplistic language is paramount to success.

When finding the best attorney ad company for your firm, it’s a good idea to ask for lawyer advertisement samples to see how a provider can help you.