Legal Marketing Case Studies

Law Firm Marketing Case Studies

We’re proud of our work and the exceptional quality that our law firm marketing agency provides our clients—and they have great things to say about us too. Below you’ll find a number of case studies from our work with clients that describe the challenges, solutions and results of each project as well as client testimonials.

Overwhelmed by Leads

Emerson Firm, PLLC

We worked with Emerson Firm, PLLC to position them as a leading personal injury firm in their region and successfully market mass tort and class action cases. They had so many leads for one campaign, we had to turn it off early.

Legal Marketing Case Study - Emerson Firm, PLLC

Hired Staff Because of Increased Cases

John E. Dunlap, P.C.

We helped a firm increase their search rankings and gain top positions in Google Map that increased their caseload so much they had to hire new staff to accommodate their success.

Legal Marketing Case Study - John E. Dunlap, P.C.

Stream of Organic Leads in 3 Months

Crowder McGaha, LLP

We helped a new startup law firm gain a stream of organic leads from their website within 3 months of launching their new firm.

Legal Marketing Case Study - Crowder McGaha, LLP

Acquisitions Below Industry Benchmark Costs

Emerson Scott, LLP

We helped a new law firm gain leads within 35 days of launching their new site and helped them reach below industry benchmarks for acquisition costs.

Legal Marketing Case Study - Emerson Scott, LLP

Cohesive Law Firm Brand

Law Offices of Phyllis B. Eddins

We helped a solo lawyer build a cohesive, recognizable brand for her law firm and diversity revenue streams beyond referrals. 

Legal Marketing Case Study - Law Offices of Phyllis B. Eddins