Social Media for Law Firms

Build a Social Media Following Online

We are an attorney owned legal marketing agency that works with law firms to help them build a strong reputation on social media that contributes to their financial growth and moves the needle on firm goals. We emphasize social success in terms of business success, not the number of likes or comments our posts for lawyers receive. Ultimately, our goal is to help our law firm clients grow with social media marketing while keeping ethical rules top of mind.

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Meaningful Social Media for Lawyers

Social media can be difficult for lawyers to navigate, both from an ethical compliance standpoint as well as understanding how to use social media to increase leads. We help law firms use social profiles to not only gain new leads but to improve their reputation, build visibility, and gain the recognition they deserve.

Attorney Owned & Operated

We focus on going beyond building an audience to build firm growth and recognition. We are attorney owned and understand what makes a law firm successful.

Quality Control

Our in-house legal team actively oversees our content creation and provides quality for control social media strategies, posts, and ads before they are sent for review.

One Firm Focus

We believe that working with your competitors hurts your ability to gain leads and community recognition. We work with an enduring commitment to one firm per practice area per region.

Integrated Solutions

We combine organic social media management with social advertising to make the biggest impact for our clients.

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Case Studies & Client Reviews of Our Lawyer Social Media Services

Orsanna has a record of success helping law firms target their ideal customers and increase leads with social media. We’ve helped numerous firms navigate the complexities of social media while focusing on quality and positive reputation.

How Our Social Media Services Work

Build a Presence & Increase Awareness

We focus on moving the needle with our social media marketing services for law firms rather than building a following that doesn't produce clients. Our social management team uses a combination of organic, paid, and viral strategies to help law firms build a following, gain visibility in their communities, and improve the perception of the firm.

Claim & Optimize Social Media Profiles

Build a Social Media Presence for your Firm

We begin by identifying the best social media platforms for your law firm and creating optimized profiles on each platform. We work with clients to create an active, engaging online experience to drive leads and firm growth by targeting the platforms used by your firm's ideal clientele.

  • All major platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Profile claiming & optimization
  • Post creation & scheduling
  • Quality control by our in-house counsel
  • Seamless approval process for your firm

Grow Reach with Social Media Advertising

Build a Following & Gain Leads

We offer social media advertising services to help clients drive traffic and sign leads to grow their caseload. We have a proven track record of creating hundreds of leads from high quality Facebook lawyer ads and attorney Facebook pages. We offer social media ads for general client growth, mass tort and class actions, and brand awareness building. In addition, we use a specialized process to get ads through platform policies and approvals that some other agencies struggle with.Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, and more

  • Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, and more
  • Multiple ad variations per campaign
  • Ad monitoring, adjustments, and revisions included
  • Quality control by in-house counsel
  • Specialized process for platform policy compliance

Law Firm Social Community Management

Engaging Authentically With Potential Clients

We work with clients to create an active, engaging social profile experience on the most popular networks to drive leads and firm growth. As part of our social media and Facebook marketing for lawyers, we can engage with followers on behalf of our legal clients, including fielding messages, responding to comments, and monitoring mentions.

  • Message fielding and responses
  • Negative comment and sentiment suppression
  • Cross-page promotion and engagement strategies

Analysis and Adjustments

Impressive Response Time and Monitoring

Social media is a fast moving marketing medium, requiring constant analysis and supervision for success. Our team closely monitors our client accounts and makes adjustments to respond to best practice changes and to make social media and Facebook marketing for attorneys more effective over time.

  • Consistent monitoring
  • A/B analysis and testing
  • Adjustments to social strategy on routine basis

Expert Guidance for Social Media Growth

Helping Firms Navigate Social Media Impact

Our goal is to capture the attention of people in search of legal services where they spend most of their time online with our social media marketing services for law firms. We work closely with our legal clients to provide high quality social media management that drives firm growth by cultivating a following, increasing awareness, and taking advantage of the viral nature of social networks to encourage referrals from past clients and followers.

The legal industry has been slow to adopt marketing norms in other industries because of questions of legal ethics and social media and the benefits of cultivating an audience on social platforms. We've helped firms navigate the complexities of social media legal ethics with a focus on quality and positive reputation building.

Step 1

Identify Target Platforms & Strategies

Our team works with you to identify the key social media platforms where your law firm can find the biggest opportunities and the right strategies to target new cases.

Step 2

Develop a Social Media Brand

We develop a strategy to translate your brand to social platforms that conveys the unique benefits and values of your law firm and set standards for social media engagement.

Step 3

Build a Social Presence & Targeting

With collaboration with your sales team, we work to build your company's social media presence and grow a following of targeted leads.

Step 4

Reporting & Communication

Coordination is the key to successful social media campaigns so we work to maintain key channels of communication with transparent reporting and routine check-ins with your team.

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Schedule a Law Firm Social Media Marketing Consultation

We offer free initial consultations to discuss working together and make recommendations about social media for your law firm. Consultations typically last 45 minutes and help you understand how you can start growing leads. Consultations typically cover:

  • Recommendations on which social media strategies and platforms may work best for your goals
  • Answers to questions about how social can solve your firm's business challenges

Schedule a consultation to see how working with our legal marketing social media team works, pricing, and if we're the right fit for your needs.

Learn More About Social Media for Law Firms

What lawyers need to know about social media

Managing your law firm Facebook page and other social profiles can be extremely time consuming and produce little results if you're not clear on the best strategies that work for growing your law firm. We routinely publish the latest news from the marketing industry that law firms need to know and effective social media tips for law firms.

Social Media for Law Firms FAQ

Lawyers have been slow to adopt social media as a way to gain leads and grow their firms because of murky ethical rules and the time commitment required to be successful on social media. With the ever-changing landscape of social marketing, it can easily be a full time job to manage your firm's profiles.

While it may seem like social media is unimportant to your firm's growth, your target clientele likely spend a significant portion of their day on social networks and use social media to vet lawyers before hiring them. The average internet user spends more than two hours every day on social networks.

Law firms can use social profiles to showcase their expertise, build their reputations, gain positive client reviews, and gain new clients through organic and paid social strategies. We've worked with law firms to help them reduce the time it takes to create a successful social media presence that achieves their firm's goals.

The best social media platform for your law firm will vary depending on who your ideal clients are and what platforms they use the most.

For instance, if you're a personal injury attorney and want to target people who have been in car wrecks, Facebook pages for lawyers and Instagram profiles are usually the best social media platforms to focus on. On the other hand, a tax attorney is often better off focusing on LinkedIn and targeting referral sources.

We help our clients identify their ideal clientele as the first step to social media management to determine the right platforms for their firm. We create engaging social media content for law firms that help them capture attention and build a reputation online.

We also use targeted demographic information to reduce ad waste and get the right kinds of visibility and followers for our clients' firms. We offer a range of social advertising services, including Facebook advertising for law firms.

The kind of content lawyers should post on social media is dependent on what the target audience will respond to the best. The best lawyer Facebook pages, for instance, focus on the messages that their target clientele finds the most valuable.

There is no one-size fits all strategy for the best Facebook posts for lawyers—it all depends on what kinds of clients you'd like to gain.

As part of our law firm social media management services, we develop a unique strategy to each firm, focusing on the personality, tone, and voice of the firm. We use lawyer social media posts to showcase the unique values of your law firm and attract your ideal clientele by using social media strategies they like and trust.

The best way to promote your law firm on social networks is to create highly targeted ads with the right messaging for your ideal clientele. Advertising without highly detailed targeting will create significant ad spend waste, reduce the effectiveness of your campaigns, and make social media an uphill battle for your law firm. Facebook advertising for lawyers is extremely effective at targeting the exact clientele you want your law firm to build.

The first step to a successful social media promotion for your law firm is to identify exactly what kinds of cases are the most lucrative for you and how to target those individuals.

We work closely with our clients to help them identify target markets and develop social media promotion campaigns that keep ethical rules and platform policies in mind.

If you're struggling to get your ads approved, working with a high-quality law firm social media company can increase your chances of getting ads through policy compliance. We've been contacted a number of times by law firms and other social marketing agencies about getting ads approved by Facebook and other platforms and it's a very common occurrence with ad managers who don't have experience working with the unique needs of lawyers.

We use a specialized process to create our law firm social media ads and campaigns that take platform policies into account and have a high success rate of ad approvals.

We’ve produced thousands of leads from Facebook advertising for attorneys and know just how effective law firm social media campaigns can be.

Attorney Facebook ads are extremely effective for law firms to target potential clients because of a range of demographic information and geographic targeting available to advertisers. Instead of expensive traditional advertising, your firm can target exactly the right people who are the most likely to become your best clients.

There are always questions of whether lawyers can advertise on Facebook because many ads may be disapproved or rejected by Facebook’s advertising policies. We work closely with your firm to create Facebook advertising campaigns that meet Facebook’s policies and are still effective at gaining leads and new clients.

If you’re curious about if Facebook advertising will work for your law firm, we can provide guidance in a free consultation on the best law firm social media strategies for you.