Industrial Marketing for a Digital Era

Want to use digital marketing to grow your industrial company? Look no further than our manufacturing marketing agency. Our industrial marketing firm has a proven record of helping our clients grow with integrated B2B industrial marketing.

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Industrial Marketing Management for B2B Companies

As trusted advisors and marketing experts, we bring valuable insight and experience in internet marketing for manufacturers and industrial service marketing. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond what the average marketing agency does for their clients.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing marketing and how industrial companies can use digital marketing to grow more efficiently.

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Explore Our Industrial Marketing Services

We offer a range of marketing services for industrial companies, customized to your B2B industrial marketing needs and marketing budget. Our expert team offers a wide spectrum of services to give our clients one trusted marketing partner.

Manufacturing Website Design

Give your B2B business an online home that captures customers and streamlines your processes. We provide website design, development, and maintenance services.

Manufacturing SEO

Get your industrial company to the top of search results with inbound marketing and convert your target market into leads. We offer best in class search engine optimization services.

Social Media for Manufacturers

Raise brand awareness and develop thought leadership in your industry with social media. We provide social media marketing services for manufacturers to build your business on social media.

Manufacturing Ads

Drive potential customers to your website with digital advertising. We provide Google Ad campaign management and PPC services as Google Certified providers as well as social media ads.

Kim Herrington, Creative Director at Industrial Marketing Agency, Orsanna

Modern Marketing for Manufactures

Account-based Marketing Made Digital

The most successful manufacturers are doing things differently to make their sales teams more effective and efficient with less time and resources. Digital marketing is the secret.

Traditional account-based marketing tactics struggle to produce the same results today, especially with the rapidly changing world manufacturers face today. Our team has helped industrial companies use digital marketing to be more effective in less time with smarter strategies that take advantage of technology.

Our goal is to simplify the process of digital account-based marketing and advertising so you know exactly which direction to go and have a team of experts to help you get there. Schedule a consultation to learn how you can start overcoming challenges and modernize your sales processes with digital tools.

Kim Herrington
Founder & Creative Director

"We actually had our best new business activity levels while Orsanna handled our marketing! We're seeing a surprising return on investment from social media. We get a lot of RFQs through our website and social media."

- Eric Chambers, Central Tube & Bar

"The Orsanna team does very professional and skilled work. They helped build our website and we couldn't be happier with it."

- SMF & Machine Tools

How Digital Account-Based Marketing Works

We focus on helping our clients transform a personal but slow approach to account-based marketing into a digital era by integrated with current sales roles and processes.

Cross-Company Communication

Our team helps increase strategic communication across your company to make B2B manufacturing marketing more effective and efficient.

ABM Integrated Campaigns

We help your sales team use account-based strategies that reflect the same actions they're taking in one-on-one relationships in the digital space.

Proudly American

Our digital marketing agency for manufacturers is proudly based in Arkansas. We keep it onshore to help American manufacturing and industrial companies grow.

Proven, Measurable Results

Our approach to marketing for manufacturing businesses focuses on achieving measurable results that positively impact your bottom line.

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Start Growing Your Industrial Company

We offer free initial consultations to discuss working together and make recommendations about your industrial marketing.

Contact our marketing agency for the manufacturing industry to develop a digital marketing strategy for your industrial company. 

Consultations typically last 45 minutes and answer your biggest questions about how to start transitioning your company towards digital strategies 

Learn More About Manufacturing Marketing

Articles on Industrial Marketing

Learn more about marketing tactics for manufacturing companies and unique information about digital marketing for the manufacturing industry. We share tips for marketing your manufacturing company and answer common questions about industrial marketing.

Industrial Marketing FAQ

Industrial marketing is all about growing industrial companies, manufacturers, B2B service companies, and others in the industrial space. It's a special vein of B2B marketing that presents its own challenges and struggles that are very different from consumer marketing.

We've worked with industrial companies since 2013 to help them grow their leads and use digital marketing to acquire new business—and we've learned a thing or two about those unique challenges. They can be as simple as struggling with how to convey your company's capabilities with marketing messaging to as difficult to overcome as buy-in from your C-Suite on the power of marketing. 

Most marketing resources are focused on B2C marketing and even those that are in the B2B space often don't talk about the unique needs of manufacturers and industrial companies. We're here to be a resource for the industrial vertical as well as help our clients succeed.

Most people in the industrial sector are a bit skeptical of industrial marketing—largely because the industrial sector is all about face-to-face time and personal sales. It's easy for marketing, especially modern digital marketing, to help support the more traditional sales nature of the industrial sector, so don't jump to the conclusion that your industrial company won't benefit from marketing!

Overall, the objectives of any marketing campaign for an industrial company usually centers on at least a few of these:

  • Increasing new business inquiries and RFQs
  • Targeting key accounts with Account-Based Marketing strategies
  • Raising brand awareness and understanding of company capabilities
  • Diversify clients and decrease overhead
  • Build brand recognition and respect in the industry

Marketing is relatively new to the industrial sector but we've witness first hand how powerful marketing can be for industrial companies. We've helped clients increase leads by 40% and more. You can learn about our case studies to see real-world examples of how marketing can support industrial companies. 

Marketing channels, or the ways in which your company interacts with potential customers and current clients, can have a huge effect on your marketing's success. For instance, if you need to raise awareness with key decision makers at specific companies, LinkedIn advertising may be the best channel to cultivate and nurture leads.

The best marketing channels for industrial companies tend to be:

  • Your website
  • Search visibility with SEO
  • Email automation and marketing
  • Targeted social media, like LinkedIn
  • Digital advertising

In addition to all the marketing you already do for your industrial company, digital is a opportunity for your company to reach even more people who are already looking for your products or services in a very cost effective, efficient way. 

Finding the right industrial marketing agency for your company comes down to what your particular goals are and experience of the marketing firms you're considering. 

  • Do they have experience working in the industrial sector?
  • Do they have case studies they can show you about their success for past clients?
  • Do they have a structured process that makes it easy to work with them?
  • Are they well-reviewed by past clients?
  • Do you feel like they can be a strategic partner in your success?

Asking these basic questions can help you best identify the right manufacturing marketing agency for your needs. We're happy to talk through all of these questions and show you what it's like to work with us in a free initial consultation.