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We provide digital advertising services to help industrial companies grow their businesses through highly targeted digital advertising and ad campaigns. Our manufacturing ad agency serves clients with Google ads, search ads, social media ads, and other digital advertising.

Why Choose Our Manufacturers Advertising Company

Highly Targeted Industrial Advertising

Our advertising team understands how to target the right individuals with digital advertising and the unique approach needed to support account-based marketing goals.

Account-Based Approach

We combine digital marketing strategies with account-based advertising to help you target potential customers and shorten sales cycles.

American Proud Team

Our industrial advertising agency is based in Arkansas and we proudly serve American manufacturers to help them grow their business.

Integrated Solutions

Our advertising company combines manufacturing marketing and advertising to reduce ad spend and increase effectiveness to help you be competitive and grow your business.

Capabilities & Product Strategies

We work with clients to highlight their unique capabilities and product offerings to potential clients to general leads more effectively.

Our Manufacturers Advertising Company

Great Quality Ads for Increased Lead Generation

In today’s business environment, marketing and advertising are now more important than ever. Orsanna has a record of success helping industrial companies target their ideal customers and increase leads. 

We are committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of different types of industrial advertising by creating highly targeted campaigns that build your brand and achieve your goals. 

We use a unique approach to industrial advertising that combines strengths of digital marketing to market products or services to create new leads as well as keep our clients top of mind with account-based advertising strategies.

"We actually had our best new business activity levels while Orsanna handled our marketing!"

- Eric Chambers, Central Tube & Bar

"We actually had our best new business activity levels while Orsanna handled our marketing!"

- Eric Chambers, Central Tube & Bar

Advertising for the Manufacturing Industry

How Manufacturing Ads Work

We help our clients navigate through what digital advertising can do to help their industrial business grow. Our ad process focuses on consistent monitoring of your campaign and making incremental changes and tweaks to ads in order to work towards the best industrial advertisement results possible.


Identify Your Target Customers

Account-Based & Lead Gen Strategy Development

The best advertising for industrial companies targets the right audience to prevent ad waste and inefficiency. Our advertising team will help your business identify its ideal clientele as well as target current sales leads to develop new business.

  • Identify the common traits of your target customers
  • Develop a plan to target those customers with marketing and advertising
  • Identify the advertising channels to target individuals, including digital and traditional ads
  • Develop an advertising budget


Build an Integrated Manufacturing Ad Campaign

B2B Advertising Implementation

After developing an integrated approach that balances industrial online advertising, earned media strategies, and organic lead acquisition methods, we create ad campaigns using a unique process that helps your manufacturing company stand out.

  • Campaign creation and ad copy writing
  • Detailed demographic targeting
  • Keyword strategy implementation, including negative keywords
  • Combined targeting across search engines, social media, and other ad platforms


Improve Performance of Industrial Ad Campaigns

Consistent Quality Adjustments

The best manufacturing advertising campaigns are constantly evolving based on results. Our experienced advertising team creates a routine ad testing schedule to make consistent improvements to our clients’ ads through a quality-focused process. We work closely with your sales team to help them better nurture leads and win new business.

  • Routine advertising improvements & testing
  • Consistent communication on results
  • Overall goal of reducing ad spend while increasing lead quality

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Manufacturing Advertising

Return on Investment from Social Media Ads

HOW ONE Value-Added Processes saw 40% increase in leads

Learn how we helped a small regional manufacturing company increase their leads by 40% through an integrated approach to digital marketing and advertising.

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Learn More About Manufacturing Advertising

What you need to know about Manufacturing ads

Learn more about advertising campaigns and about our manufacturing advertising services. Check out our articles with tips, information, and frequently asked questions.

Manufacturing Ads FAQ

Account-based advertising is a strategy we advise our industrial clients to try. Instead of targeting anyone who can fit your ideal target demographic, you instead target specific individuals at specific companies. Account-based advertising helps your manufacturing company target people at companies you'd like to become clients or companies you're already in sales discussions with.

We've seen the most success targeting contacts that sales teams are already nurturing to increase effectiveness, reduce sales losses, and increase win rates while keeping advertising costs low. It's a great way to get started in manufacturing advertising and can help convince C-Suite members that advertising is worthwhile and has a positive, proven ROI.

We offer account-based advertising services as well as demographic targeting style advertising services. 

Beyond account-based advertising that can cultivate more new business, advertising can also be used to support trade shows with geofencing, which are ads that show to specific groups of people who are in a specific area. With information about your target market at a trade show, you can use social media geofenced ads to increase awareness about your trade show booth as well as increase engagement from trade show attendees. 

In addition to account and geofencing, advertising can also be an effective way to generate new business from people who are already looking for your products or services through search ads and to increase customer contact points through remarketing.

Manufacturers and industrial companies can use a variety of advertising types to achieve different business goals. We recommend considering the following types of industrial advertising: 

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Remarketing Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

Not sure what kind of manufacturing ads will work for your industrial company? Get a free initial consultation to talk to one of our manufacturing ad experts and learn how advertising can help you grow your leads.

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