Industrial Website Design

Expert Guidance for Manufacturer Websites

We offer industrial web design services for industrial, oil & gas, and manufacturing companies for a range of budgets. Our team has worked with a variety of manufacturing companies to produce effective websites that look great online and drive growth.

Why Choose Our Manufacturing Website Design Services

Build Your Business’s Website With A Guided Process

Our team of website designers focuses on showcasing your industrial company’s unique values to potential clients and creating a digital brand that helps your business attract your ideal customers. We guide you through the process of developing a website for industrial products that converts visitors into customers.

Impact Business Goals

We take what we learn about your business needs and design a website using a time-tested technique to efficiently and effectively create a website for your industrial company with your goals and needs in mind.

One Time Costs

Pay a one time fee for your website and own it after it launches. We don’t charge monthly fees.

SEO Included

We focus on integrating best practices from search engine optimization and digital marketing strategy to create a website that ranks well in search results.

American Made

We take pride in being an onshore website design company based in Arkansas and believe in the power of American manufacturing.

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Manufacturer & Industrial Web Design Case Studies

We have a proven record of building great websites for manufacturers and industrial companies to help them drive more sales and achieve business goals. We are highly reviewed by our past clients.

How We Design Websites For Industrial Companies

Build an effective website easily

Our manufacturing web development process centers on identifying what unique qualities your business offers to potential clients. Throughout the design process, our dedicated team of experts works closely with our clients to make the process easy and effective.

Build Your Industrial Business Brand

What Makes You Stand Out

The best manufacturing website designs have a clear message about why your company is the best choice and a clear path for prospective leads to contact you. We start off by getting to know your industrial company and help you identify the demographic information about customers that are the most profitable for you. Working closely with our team, we help you identify the market positioning necessary for success.

  • Website strategy development to target your ideal customers
  • Visual style creation that showcases your company’s unique talents and values
  • Marketing tone and voice development that matches your industrial company

Develop Your Unique Industrial Design

Build a website with meaningful design

During the next stage, our web design team develops the look and function of your business’s website. We offer two options: affordable basic websites or premium custom coded sites to your unique specifications. Our websites are built to look great on a variety of screen sizes, from the newest smartphones to the oldest desktop monitors allowing you to reach your target patients regardless of the device they use.

  • Built to use across multiple devices
  • Designs are unique to your business’s brand
  • Basic or premium custom coded options available
  • Focused on fast loading, easy-to-use design

Focus on Lead Generation

Quality, Original Content Optimized for Search

We include copy written by our SEO team as a standard feature for all of our manufacturer website designs. We don’t use cookie cutter website content you’ll find some of our competitors reuse on multiple websites.

  • Unique copy created for your website
  • Written for your business’s unique personality with tone and voice
  • Optimized for search engines and lead conversions
  • Technical SEO setup included

Launch And Own Your Website

Training Included and No Monthly Fees

We believe that you shouldn’t be trapped into a monthly website fee or lose your site if you stop paying. We set up your site on your own website hosting and with your domain instead of tying you to a long-term contract. We also provide ongoing website services as part of our marketing services but it is not required.

  • Training on how to make updates to your website
  • Integration with your business management and marketing tools
  • Copyrights transfer to your business
  • No monthly management fees required

Expert Guidance for Industrial Websites

Quality Websites For Industrial Companies

Our team of industrial web designers is passionate about building great manufacturing websites that attract your ideal clientele. Working with Orsanna means you get a beautiful website that fits your needs and budget. Above all, we are committed to helping you create a website that produces results and best represents your industrial company.

Step 1

Translate Your Industrial Brand Online

Whether its your first website or a refresh of an old site, we work to help you understand what makes your industrial brand unique and how to translate into a digital platform.

Step 2

Design & Layout Concepts

We build out design and layout concepts to help you visualize what the website will look, feel, and function like before building the site. We collaborate with you to help you make design and layout choices that best fit your needs and goals.

Step 3

Technical Coding & Build

Our manufacturing website design team builds out the site to a fully functioning website, complete with copy and imagery, so you can see exactly what you site will look like before launch. At this stage we make final changes and quality checks.

Step 4

Training & Website Launch

We launch your website, preserving any past SEO value of an old website, and make corrections as needed. We train your team how to use the website and provide guidance on keeping it updated but we're only ever a phone call away to help.

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Schedule a Website Consultation

We offer free initial consultations to discuss working together and make recommendations about website design for your manufacturing company. Consultations typically last 45 minutes and help you understand your options for the right website. Consultations typically cover:

  • Your company's unique goals
  • Website features and requirements
  • Recommendations on design challenges
  • Answers to questions about integrating your website with sales teams

Schedule a consultation to see how working with our manufacturing website design team works, pricing, and if we're the right fit for your needs.

Learn About Manufacturing Website Design

Building an Online Hub for Manufacturers

Your business’s website is the anchor of your digital presence and is the most important part of your overall marketing strategy. Learn more about industrial company website design and get inspiration from our articles and FAQ. Have more questions about designing a website? Contact us today for a free consultation.

Common Industrial Website Design Questions

There is a minimum standard all manufacturing websites need to meet to be successful, regardless of your customers, products, services, or other factors that influence your business success. Any website you decide to have built should have these essentials:

  • Responsive website with a mobile-first design
  • Recognizable branding with a strong value proposition
  • Engaging visuals and content
  • A clear path for potential customers to convert
  • SEO elements to help your website rank in search

Beyond those essentials all industrial websites need, you can further integrate features to make your website even more productive for your company.

Although creating a captivating design is a huge part of manufacturing web design, making sure your website is effective should be your main goal when working with a manufacturing website design company. The best industrial design websites have a number of features that make lead generation and sales easier for industrial companies.

The first step is to identify how your website should help your company grow and support sales efforts. Marketing can help shorten your sales cycles and increase win rates but you have to have clarity on how your website should play a part.

Most manufacturers and industrial companies think of this in terms of website features, which can include:

  • Online industrial product catalogs
  • Ordering systems
  • Integration with sales CRM
  • Content marketing to increase lead generation

What makes the best website design for your manufacturing company comes down to what your business goals are, how you best serve customers, what obstacles you have to overcome in the sales process, and how you expect your website to help you grow. In other words, your website should be uniquely suited to your needs and make growing your industrial company easier. 

Talking with an industrial website design company with experience helping companies achieve your goals can help you get a clear picture on what your website needs to do to be a great manufacturing website for you.

There are hundreds of template website designs out there geared towards industrial businesses, including steel web designs, oil & gas website templates, manufacturing website templates, and more. If you're thinking about going the DIY route to build a website for your small manufacturing company, remember the adage that it often costs more to hire an amateur than a professional!  A high quality website is often more affordable than you think (and way less stressful). 

Our website designs are surprisingly affordable, often seeing a return on investment quickly after launching a new website so don't hesitate to reach out.

We offer a range of website design packages for industrial companies, including affordable, quick turn-around sites as well as fully-custom coded manufacturing websites that integrate the most advanced features for lead generation and sales support. 

What kind of website you need depends on your goals for your industrial company growth and the role your website needs to play in new business acquisition. We're happy to help you better understand how your website should support and drive your sales and provide pricing for your website needs and budget.