Lawyer Websites

Build Your Firm's Website with a Guided Process

We’ve worked with attorneys to produce high-quality lawyer websites that have helped them grow, establish authority, and impress colleagues. Our team of law firm website designers helps clients get great looking websites whether they’re solo practitioners, midsize law offices, or national law firms.

Why Choose Our Law Firm Website Design Services

Build Your Firm's Website with a Guided Process

Our attorney website design services focus on showcasing your firm's unique values to potential clients and creating a digital brand that helps your firm attract your ideal clients. We guide you through the process of convincing visitors of your firms’ qualifications and success while explaining legal services in an engaging and captivating way to get visitors to reach out to your firm.

Attorney Owned Website Agency

We are attorney owned and operated and bring knowledge of what makes effective legal websites to our work.

One Time Costs

Pay a one time fee for your website and own it after launch. We don't charge monthly fees.

Quality Control

Our websites are reviewed by our in-house legal team for quality before sending drafts to our clients, reducing time to launch a new website.

SEO Content Included

Our legal website designs are a comprehensive solution and include copywriting, SEO, and technical setup for no extra charge.

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Law Firm Web Design Case Studies

We have a proven record of building great websites for law firms to help them drive more sales and achieve business goals. We are highly reviewed by our past clients.

Our Law Firm Website Design Process

Build an effective website for your law firm

We are experts at guiding our customers through the process of building a law site to help them identify what sets their law firm apart and how to showcase that unique value to their potential clients. Throughout the attorney web design process, our dedicated team of experts works closely with our clients to make the process easy and effective.

Define Your Law Firm Brand

Find Your Unique Value to Customers

The best law firm websites have a clear message about why your firm is the best choice for a client's case and a clear path for prospective clients to contact your firm. We start off by getting to know your firm and help you identify the kinds of cases that are the most profitable for you. Working closely with our team, we help you identify the market positioning necessary for success.

  • Website strategy development to target your ideal clients
  • Visual style creation that showcases your firm's unique talents
  • Marketing tone and voice development that matches your firm

Develop Your Unique Design

Get a Law Firm Website with a Meaningful Design

During the next stage, we develop the look and function of your website. We offer two options: affordable basic websites or premium custom coded sites to your unique specifications. Our websites are built to look great on a variety of screen sizes, from the newest smartphones to the oldest desktop monitors allowing you to reach your target clients regardless of the device they use.

  • Built to use across multiple devices
  • Designs are unique to your law firm's brand
  • Basic or premium custom coded options available
  • Focused on fast loading, easy-to-use design

Attract Clients with Authority Content

Quality, Unique Content Optimized for Search

We include copy written by our SEO team as a standard feature for all of our lawyer website designs. We don’t use cookie cutter website content you’ll find some of our competitors reuse on multiple lawyer websites. Our website content is quality checked by in-house counsel before being sent to you for approval.

  • Unique copy created for your website
  • Quality checked by in-house counsel
  • Written for your firm's personality with tone and voice
  • Optimized for search engines and lead conversions
  • Technical SEO setup included

Launch & Own Your Website

Training Included and No Monthly Fees

We believe that the best law websites don’t trap you into a monthly website fee or stop existing if you stop paying. We set up your site on your own website hosting and with your domain instead of tying you into a long-term contract. We provide management services as part of our legal marketing services but it is not required.

  • Training on how to make updates to your site
  • Integration with your practice management & marketing tools
  • Copyrights transfer to your firm
  • No monthly management fees required

Law Firm Website Design Services


We are passionate about building great looking attorney websites that attract clients through an expertly guided process. As part of all of our law firm website packages, we include a standard of features that can cost extra at other law firm website design companies.

Step 1

Translate Your Legal Brand Online

Whether its your first website or a refresh of an old site, we work to help you understand what makes your legal brand unique and how to translate into a digital platform.

Step 2

Design & Layout Concepts

We build out design and layout concepts to help you visualize what the website will look, feel, and function like before building the site. We collaborate with you to help you make design and layout choices that best fit your needs and goals.

Step 3

Technical Coding & Build

Our law firm website design team builds out the site to a fully functioning website, complete with copy and imagery, so you can see exactly what you site will look like before launch. At this stage we make final changes and quality checks.

Step 4

Training & Website Launch

We launch your website, preserving any past SEO value of an old website, and make corrections as needed. We train your team how to use the website and provide guidance on keeping it updated but we're only ever a phone call away to help.

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Schedule a Website Consultation

We offer free initial consultations to discuss working together and make recommendations about website design for your law firm. Consultations typically last 45 minutes and help you understand your options for the right website. Consultations typically cover:

  • Your company's unique goals
  • Website features and requirements
  • Recommendations on design challenges
  • Answers to questions about integrating your website with sales teams

Schedule a consultation to see how working with our law firm website design team works, pricing, and if we're the right fit for your needs.

Learn More About Lawyer Web Design

What You Need To Know About Law Firm Websites

Your firm's website is the anchor of your digital presence and is the most important part of your overall marketing campaigns. With so many legal service consumers using search engines and law firms' sites as a way to choose their legal representation, understanding the nuances of what makes the best law firm website for your firm is essential. We publish new articles routinely on news and changes in the website design industry specific to law firms and lawyers.

Law Firm Web Design FAQs

The best law firm websites aren't just the digital equivalent of a sales brochure. Instead, the best lawyer websites focus on creating a strong online brand, showcasing your firm's unique value to your potential clients, motivating visitors to contact you, and providing a clear path for them to do so. This can include the following:

  • Engaging visuals that create emotions in your audience (e.g. confidence, safety, assurance, fear, anger)
  • Website copy that is easy for the intended audience to read
  • A clear purpose and value to visitors
  • A way to navigate and easy-to-use layout
  • A design that helps your firm out from the crowd

What may be the best law firm website for your firm isn't necessarily what will be the best for someone else. A lawyer web development company should help you not only build a website but identify what will work for your particular target market, practice area, region, and firm personality. We've worked on lots of lawyer websites over the years and no two are identical because each firm has unique needs and goals.

Your website should meet a minimum standard of features to be successful online. We recommend that all lawyer web designs include the following:

  • A responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Copy that is engaging to both people and search engines
  • Clear and strong reasons why your law firm is the best choice
  • Strong visual branding that sets your firm apart
  • A clear and easy path to conversion

Law firm websites with all of these elements tend to perform better at attracting new clients and helping law firms grow.

Before you spend hours and hours getting attorney website design inspiration by diving through the websites of every law firm you know and admire, it's important to look inward at your own firm first. The first step is knowing what makes your firm unique and the right choice for certain clients, as well as understanding your firm's unique personality and how you'd like that personality to come across on your website.

Most lawyer website design examples are very similar. While it's a good idea to browse other firm's websites for ideas, looking at non-legal websites that target the same kinds of clients that you do can help you get a better understanding of what your audience may find the most engaging.

Finding inspiration for your firm's website shouldn't be based on your competition alone.

Finding the right legal website development company to work with can be a challenge because there are so many options, from specialized providers for law firms like Orsanna to local generalist website design companies near you. While you're making your decision, the following questions can be helpful to ask:

  • What does the process look like? How will they guide you through the process?
  • Do they have an understanding of what lawyer websites shouldn't include for ethical reasons?
  • Beyond the standard features modern websites should have, what other features does the website include? Do they have attorney website examples of their past work?
  • Is photography, stock photography, or are other visual elements included?
  • Can they support future marketing efforts of your law firm or are they only a web design company?

At Orsanna, we focus on providing a concierge-style service throughout the website design process and can accommodate a range of requirements and needs. We're also attorney-owned and operated, which helps us produce a higher quality of work for law firms thanks to quality control processes by our in-house legal staff.

Your law firm's website should have:

  • An engaging homepage with a clear path towards more information for your ideal clientele
  • Attorney bios with qualifications and awards
  • Practice area pages with information about the process or common questions
  • Authority articles that showcase your firm's expertise and knowledge

The best attorney websites answer the most pressing questions of legal service consumers and showcase the firm’s unique personality and approach to client interactions.

Legal websites can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to affordable price points for small law firm websites. There’s no industry standard for how much a law firm website should cost so knowing how to compare different website options from law website developers is an important step.

When you’re assessing options for a new website for your firm, take into consideration what your firm needs to succeed online and whether that company’s attorney web services are sufficient to help you.

We offer two kinds of website packages for attorneys and law firms at affordable rates. To find out more about our website designs, please contact us for more information. Lawyers are often surprised at how affordable our services are compared to other specialized providers.