Your law firm deserves exceptional marketing.

We are an attorney-owned marketing agency focused on exceptional quality delivered with old-fashioned professionalism.
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Your Strategic Advantage

Orsanna is a full-service digital marketing agency serving law firms, attorneys, and lawyers. We are attorney owned and operated.

Founded in 2013, Orsanna has earned a reputation as a strategic advantage for our law firm clients, providing exceptional marketing services. We're known for our superior work ethic, throughoughness, and ability to help small businesses succeed.


We earn trust by consistently delivering on expectations.


We are experts in our fields and continually learning.


We commnicate with clients routinely on progress and results.


We regularly report on meaningful goals and progress.

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How we work

Values at the core of our process

Our team uses process and marketing structure we've developed over years to reduce risks, make processes easier, and better impact our clients' business goals, all while allowing for flexiblity and nimble marketing to capitalize on market conditions.

Achieve business goals

We focus every step we take on achieving your business goals and actively measuring our work against strict internal standards.

Integrate for effectiveness

We integrate each part of your marketing to positivly impact the others to improve overall marketing effectivness.

Create ease with structure

We create predictable, consistent structure in delivery and management to make it easy for our clients.

Our Law Firm Marketing Agency Owners

Our leadership exemplifies the core values that makes our marketing services exceptional. The Orsanna leadership team steers a fully in-house marketing team towards achiving our clients' goals while providing insight and advising law firms on strategic marketing planning.

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