Law Firm Reputation Management

Reputation Management for Law Firms

Your law firm's reputation is a powerful marketing tool to help your law firm grow. We work with law firms to improve lawyer reputations and manage law firm reviews and ratings, including peer reviews and client reviews for lawyers. Our reputation management team focuses on helping clients not only manage reviews after they are created but also cultivate reviews from current clients. We have a proven track record of helping law firms increase reviews and mitigate the effects of negative reviews.

Why Choose Us For Reputation Management

Proven Results for Law Firms

We help law firms and attorneys develop reputation management programs to cultivate five-star reviews, improve client retention, and increase the number of referrals past clients send to our clients. As an attorney owned legal marketing agency, we understand the unique constraints of acquiring law firm reviews by clients and using reviews to cultivate new business. Our process centers on developing a positive reputation using transparent practices and integrity.

Attorney Owned

We are attorney owned and understand the unique struggles law firms face when building a reputation online including ethical compliance and clients who may be reluctant to write a review.

One Firm Focus

We work with an enduring commitment to one firm per practice area per region to help them become the best reviewed law firm in their region.

Established Process

We have an established process to help law firms cultivate reviews and manage attorney profiles to drive firm growth with a proven track record.

Understanding of Peer Review Process

Because we're attorney owned, we also understand what it takes to get the respect and peer reviews your firm deserves from fellow attorneys.

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Law Firm Reputation Management Case Studies

We help law firms and attorneys develop reputation management programs to cultivate five-star reviews, improve client retention, and increase the number of referrals past clients send to our clients.

How Our Law Firm Reputation Management Services Work

Acquire Reviews & Cultivate New Business

We have helped firms grow their number of reviews which has shown a direct effect on their ability to rank in search engines and cultivate new business. Our attorney-owned legal marketing agency places a priority on working with integrity and helping law firms do the same in a difficult and challenging environment.

Review Profile Management

Show Up in Search Results

We offer attorney reputation management services and profile management services to claim, create, and manage attorney review profiles on a wide range of review sites, including Avvo, Justia, Martindale-Hubbell, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other review sources. We provide profile optimization services to help attorney and law firm profiles show up in search results on review platforms and search engines to increase leads. We also work with clients to earn media placements that build a positive reputation of authority, trust, and leadership.

  • Profile Management
  • Profile Optimization
  • Earned Media Services
  • Peer Review Management

Acquire New Reviews

Process to Drive Great Client Reviews

We help attorneys and law firms cultivate attorney reviews through an established process focused on encouraging reviews with integrity. We manage review responses and review response policies and have an internal quality control process to respond to reviews.

  • Review Cultivation Process
  • Respond to Reviews
  • Maintain Review Policies

Negative Review Mitigation

Suppress Negative Reviews Ethically

Negative reviews are part of running a business but there are things your firm can do to prevent them and respond to them after they have been posted. We help by managing your online reputation and respond to negative reviews as well as use techniques to eliminate them when possible. We also work with clients to integrate reviews into multi-channel marketing campaigns to use their strong reputation to build leads.

  • Negative Review Management
  • Negative Review Prevention Audit
  • Review Marketing Integration

Our Law Firm Reputation Management Services

Build Trust & Authority

Potential legal services clients place a high priority on finding a law firm with great attorney reviews by clients when looking for a lawyer to hire. They look for social proof in reviews, both from friends and from online reviews. Having a strong reputation builds law firms into powerhouse leaders in their practice areas because of the trust potential clients put in reviews

We work with law firms to cultivate five-star reviews and build a strong reputation of expertise, trust, and authority for their practice areas and region through reputation management services.

Step 1

Claim Profiles

Our team claims your law firm's and attorneys' profiles on Google My Business and top law firm and lawyer review sites, including Avvo, Justia, and more.

Step 2

Optimize Profiles & Create Coordinated Strategy

We optimize each profile your firm and associates have to take advantage of each review platform's unique algorithm to increase visibility within platforms and on search results.

Step 3

Review Acquisition & Process Development

Our team coordinates with your office staff and associates to set up review cultivation processes and automations to help your firm acquire new, positive reviews from clients to drive search rankings and leads.

Step 4

Review Management

As your firm gains positive reviews, our law firm marketing team manages responses to reviews as well as mitigates negative reviews to improve customer perceptions and customer service issues.

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We offer free initial consultations to discuss working together and make recommendations about reputation management for your law firm. Consultations typically last 45 minutes and help you understand your options for the right website. Consultations typically cover:

  • Your company's unique goals
  • Recommendations on managing reputation
  • Answers to questions 

Schedule a consultation to see how working with our legal reputation management team works, pricing, and if we're the right fit for your needs.

Learn More About Lawyer Reputation Management

What law firms need to know about improving their reputation

One of the top reasons why potential clients will choose your firm is your law firm's reputation for success and customer service. Improving your reputation takes more than just cultivating five-star reviews but starts with how you treat prospective clients and handle cases and clients. We post new articles about ways you can improve your law firm's reputation and how you can use it to help your law firm grow.

Law Firm Reputation Management FAQ

The process of managing reviews centers on claiming profiles on review sites for your firm and making sure your associates and partners claim their individual profiles on lawyer review sites. The process of how to manage a small law firm reviews is much easier than a large firm. If you have a small firm, you may only need to manage a handful of profiles but large firms may find it difficult to manage the hundreds of profiles that are associated with their firm. Once claimed, optimizing profiles to turn up in search results both on search engines and on individual platforms can help your law firm's reputation impact your firm's growth.

After claiming profiles and optimizing them, cultivating reviews from clients and implementing review management policies is the next step. It's important to obtain reviews from clients because law firms that neglect asking for positive reviews often will only gain negative reviews. Having policies about how you handle reviews can help you better comply with ethical rules as well as have a standard process for how to deal with reviews.

In addition to profile and review management, part of law firm reputation management involves in-house client procedures and how your staff interacts with clients. Auditing your lead processes, on-boarding processes, and how you interact with clients throughout their legal matters can help you identify ways to improve your reputation and prevent negative reviews.

Reputation management extends well beyond cultivating 5-star reviews to your profiles and also encompasses how your law firm is perceived by your target clients and community so adding in traditional earned media strategies can also help to improve your law firm's reputation.

Most law firms struggle with getting a high volume of reviews and some resort to paying for reviews or adding fake reviews to their profiles. Keep in mind that paying for or incentivizing reviews is often a violation of review platform policies and may violate ethical rules.

Asking clients for reviews is a necessary step to getting more reviews for your law firm. As well, providing a quick and easy way for clients to leave reviews is the best way to get more reviews for your firm. We work with clients to help them streamline the process of getting more reviews easily.

Peer reviews and lawyer awards can help increase the visibility of your law firm in review platforms as well as build up your reputation with potential clients. However, in our experience working with law firms that have received and purchased awards over the years, awards from media publications and community groups often make the most impact.

Working to gain peer reviews and awards from local community authorities takes time and attention. We work with clients to help them raise visibility and then create marketing campaigns to increase their ability to gain local community awards, especially when those awards are impacted by social media and online reviews.