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We're more than just a Facebook ad agency and help businesses use social media advertising to acquire new leads and customers, raise brand awareness, and grow your company. We offer social media advertising services for businesses across the country, including Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising and Pinterest advertising.

Why Choose Our Social Media Ad Agency

Effective Paid Social Media Advertising

At Orsanna, we focus on the effectiveness of social media advertising for your business with social media advertising campaigns tailored to your unique business needs and goals. We help small business owners use paid social media strategies to achieve their business goals with highly targeted social media ads.

Acquire New Leads

Our clients find that our social media ad management pricing is an affordable way to effectively generate leads for their businesses quickly and easily.

Fully Managed Social Ads

We help our clients assess social media advertising opportunities, decide which social platforms are right for them, and create and monitor social media ad campaigns on their behalf.

Highly Targeted Demographics

We help our clients reach highly targeted groups of potential customers with creative targeting strategies that work with Facebook and social media policies.

Unique Social Ad Strategy 

We use social media advertising strategies unique to your business, designed for the best results for your particular goals and growth.

Our Social Media Advertising Services

Great Value & Performance

We have a record of success helping businesses target their ideal customers with highly detailed demographic targeting with social ads, reducing waste and increasing social media advertising effectiveness for our clients.

Overall, we focus our efforts on helping your business navigate through demographic targeting and the different types of ads to create highly targeted campaigns that build your brand and achieve your goals.

"We're seeing a surprising return on investment from social media. We get a lot of RFQs through our website and social media"

- Eric Chambers

"We're seeing a surprising return on investment from social media. We get a lot of RFQs through our website and social media"

- Eric Chambers

Working With Our Social & Facebook Advertising Agency

How Social Media Ads Work

We work with clients to help them manage social media ad campaigns easily with fully-managed ad campaign services. Our social media ad process focuses on consistent monitoring of your campaign and making incremental changes and tweaks to ads throughout the campaign to work towards the best social media advertising results possible.


Identify Your Social Ad Goals

Social Media Advertising Strategy Development

We start off by helping you identify the best social media advertising platforms for your small business by learning about your ideal customers. We develop a social media strategy specific to your small business goals and use different types of social media ads to help your business achieve your goals. 

  • Identify best platforms for your ideal customers
  • Develop a detailed demographic targeting strategy
  • Design a social campaign strategy unique to your goals


Create Social Media Ad Campaigns

Running Ads on Social Media

We create highly targeted social media ads, using different methods and ad formats as your campaign goals dictate. Each campaign is created with a number of variations to test different messaging, multimedia assets, and other campaign elements to identify the best performing ads for your business. We create campaigns on all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

  • Social media ad creation
  • Demographic targeting implementation
  • Multiple ad variations per campaign
  • Seamless approval process


Improve Performance of Social Ads

Consistent Reporting & Improvements

We make consistent changes to ad campaigns throughout the process to improve performance and report to our clients important information about the effectiveness of ads throughout. We also help clients determine how their business should respond to engagement and messages from ads to make the community management process easier.

  • Routine ad campaign updates to improve performance
  • Appropriately responding to engagement on ads
  • Reporting on meaningful metrics towards achieving business goals

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Social Media & Facebook Ad Agency

Return on Investment from Social Media Ads


Learn how our social media advertising company helped a small business increase the number of inquiries they received through their website and direct messaging on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Learn More About Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising Tips

Learn more about social media and Facebook advertising services for your small business in articles with tips, information, and frequently asked questions.

Social Media Advertising FAQs

As a social media and facebook advertising agency for small businesses, we’ve seen first hand just how effective social media ads are to help grow your business. Small businesses usually have smaller budgets for advertising and need to be very careful how they spend advertising dollars.

The goal of your social media ads for your small business should be to be ROI-positive, or that they help you bring in more money than they cost. If you decide to work with a Facebook management agency, making sure that you calculate the total costs of the ads and the cost of the Facebook ads marketing agency will give you the best gauge of how effective social ads are for you.

We’ve helped small businesses get a return on their investment in ads and our Facebook ad management agency that exceeded their costs.

Social media ads allow your small business to effectively target your ideal customers thanks to highly targeted demographic and geographic information available in social media ad platforms. Using social media ads is a very effective way for you to get your small business in front of the right people with a limited budget and is often far more affordable than traditional advertising methods, like commercials, radio ads, newspaper ads and others.

We've worked with small businesses to help them use social media ads to achieve their business goals, like getting more leads, increasing foot traffic, and increasing brand awareness. If you'd like to find out more about if social media ads will work for your small business, we offer a free initial consultation.

The benefits of using social media advertising are: 

  • Increased brand awareness and brand visibility with your ideal customers
  • Increased brand affinity with potential customers
  • Build an audience for your small business and increase your reach
  • Increase leads and customers
  • Establish a strong brand voice, message, and core values

Social media advertising allows you to highly target your audience with demographics, allowing your social media messages to be seen by the people you want to advertise to the most.

Each different platform offers a range of types of social media ads and choosing the right type of ads for your small business can be a challenge.

For example, Facebook is the most common social media advertising platform and offers eleven different ad objectives that change how your ads are delivered and six different ad formats. That means there can be as many as 66 different ad types in Facebook you can choose from. Navigating these without the help of a Facebook ads company can be difficult for small business owners. Add in all the different platforms and different options for each and there's probably a hundred different options for small business owners to navigate.

We help guide our clients through the number of choices available to them for social media ads to help them identify the most effective ad formats and platforms to achieve their unique business goals. Different ad platforms, objectives, and formats work best for different business types and business goals. Over the years of helping business owners use social media ads to grow their businesses, we've grown to be very familiar with the different options and what can work best for your business.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about what ad types we may recommend and how they can help your small business.

Social media ad costs can vary depending on what demographics you're targeting and where your ads will appear. How social media advertising costs are calculated depends on how many ads are competing for the same ad space in front of the same audience as your business.

Typically, businesses see ad costs go up with increased advertising on social media, including the time period from about a week or so before Black Friday through Christmas.

Social media ad costs are often less than other advertising options, however, and we've worked with clients with small budgets to get great results.

If you're curious how much ads will cost for your business, schedule a free consultation and we can give you projections of costs and recommended budgets.

We're not just a Facebook ad agency and serve clients with social media ad services on major social media platforms. Our team works with the following platforms:

  • Facebook Advertising - We focus on helping you build your business by using Facebook, rather than relying on Facebook to give you access to your audience. Our Facebook advertising company offers campaigns to raise brand awareness, reach new people, and engage a new audience as well as retargeting campaigns to re-engage existing customers and previous website visitors.
  • Instagram Advertising - Our Instagram advertising team helps clients create captivating Instagram visuals and ad campaigns that achieve business goals and advertising objectives. Integrating as part of Facebook’s social platform, we often work with clients to create cohesive marketing campaigns between both Instagram and Facebook.
  • LinkedIn Advertising - We work with clients to help them target individuals who are in a business-oriented mindset while browsing social media, including awareness, retargeting, and lead cultivation LinkedIn ad campaigns.
  • Pinterest Advertising - Our Pinterest ad team works closely with clients to create promoted pin campaigns that achieve business goals and use the Pinterest advertising platform to its full capacity. Advertising on Pinterest is a relatively new marketing channel that is particularly valuable to businesses selling to and serving customers online and across the country.
  • Twitter Advertising - Twitter ads can be a great way to engage certain demographic groups with your brand and engage an audience not easily accessible on other social media platforms. We work with clients to create Twitter advertising campaigns and ad collateral that focuses on business goals and successfully target desired markets.

Part of our social media advertising services focus on helping you find the right platforms to advertise your small business that will be the most effective for your target audience and goals.

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