Small Business Video & Photography

Develop an Engaging Visual Brand

We provide small business video services and small business photography services to help your business capture attention with multimedia assets and showcase your company's unique values to customers.

Our Small Business Video & Photography Agency

Capture Your Audience and Build Trust

Our experienced photo & video experts understand how to take the best parts of your company and convey them in multimedia. As a part of our digital marketing services, we work with you to shoot photographs and videos that highlight your business’ strengths and contribute to your company brand image and overall marketing strategy.

Capture Attention

High-quality small business videos and photos capture the attention of your target market and create an engaging experience with your marketing messaging.

Convey Unspoken Values

Multimedia assets convey what's special about your small business quickly and easily to your target marketing, helping your business align itself with ideal customers faster.

Succeed on Social

Photos and videos can help your business succeed on multimedia heavy social media networks and build an audience.

Build Trust

Video and photography can help build trust with your ideal customers by showing them your business instead of meaningless stock photography.

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Case Studies of Video & Photography Services

We have helped small businesses create engaging visual brands with photography and videography services.

How Our Small Business Photo and Video Services Work

Affordable Quality Photos & Videos

We work with clients to help them produce small business marketing videos and photography that can be used on websites, social media, advertising, and other marketing materials. Our small business video marketing and photo creation process centers on using time effectively and showing off the best side of your business creatively.

Identify Required Assets

Make a Small Business Video & Photo Plan

The first step to creating a company video and photos for your small business is to identify what assets you need. We work with small business owners to advise them on what kinds of photos they need, what video ideas may work for them, and put together a plan to create those assets.

  • Photography shot lists
  • Video storyboards
  • Multimedia asset planning

Shoot Photos & Videos for Small Business

Simplifying the Process

We work with small businesses to create business videos and photos, bringing a team of video and photography professionals to attend to all the details of a photo or video shoot day.

  • Set styling and clean up
  • Makeup, hair, and outfit style consulting

Small Business Video Editing & Photo Retouching

Finished Product Delivery

We process photos and video into finished products to deliver to our clients that they can use in a range of different places, from their website to their social media. Throughout the editing process, we work with our clients to take raw video and turn it into a captivating marketing video.

  • Video Editing
  • Voiceovers
  • Color correction
  • Retouching

Our Photography and Videography Services

Marketing Videos & Photos for Small Businesses

Every client has different needs when it comes to video marketing for their business and photography needs. Some clients will need just a few high quality website photos while others will need extensive marketing photos and multiple marketing videos to compete.

We work closely with clients to identify what images and videos they need to fulfill their marketing and advertising needs and produce high quality, edited multimedia assets that can be used across a range of mediums.

Step 1

Identify Image & Video Goals

Our team works with you to identify goals for visual mediums and what feeling and emotions you'd like visuals to create for your small business. We use these goals to create a creative direction for the media shoot.

Step 2

Media Shoot

Our team of skilled videographers and photographers capture images and video of your small business based on our creative direction plan.

Step 3


Our team edits and complies video and photo assets to put your small business' best foot forward with professional media assets. We use feedback from your business to transform raw assets into their finished form.

Step 4

Campaign Integration

Our marketing team puts your media asses to use in campaigns, on your website, on social media, and more to help your small business use media assets to their full extent.

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Get a Free Initial Consultation

We offer free initial consultations to discuss working together and make recommendations about your small business marketing. Consultations typically last 45 minutes and help you understand how you can start marketing your small business. Consultations typically cover:

  • Your company's unique strengths
  • Weaknesses versus your direct competitors
  • Recommendations on how much to spend on advertising
  • Recommendations on which strategies may work best for your goals
  • Answers to questions about your company's marketing challenges

Schedule a consultation to see how working with our small business marketing team works, pricing, and if we're the right fit for your needs.

Learn About Small Business Video & Photography

What small business owners need to know

Small businesses often overlook the power of photos and video because they're often seen as an expensive part of marketing. Video and photography can be affordable for your business, especially if you plan out in advance how you'll use those assets to fully capture your audience. Learn more in our articles and frequently asked questions.

Photo & Video FAQs

Most consumers and potential clients will research your company online, trying to understand what your business looks like to if they can trust you and your staff. Stock images don’t connect with potential clients and help them decide to visit your store or sign up for your services in the same way professional photos of your company do.

Stock photos and videos are easy for potential customers to spot and can create a sense of distrust in your company. Instead, showing off your own staff, company, location, and products can help build a higher level of trust, which leads to more new business for your company. Local business video production can help your business better connect with your customers and grow your customer base.

There’s no limit to the video marketing ideas for small businesses that are available for your business to connect with customers so don’t let the benefits of video marketing for small businesses be a missed opportunity.

The process to create a marketing video for your business is easy to summarize but there are a lot of small details that go into the process. As a main overview, these are the steps for making marketing videos for your business:

  1. Decide the story you want to tell
  2. Create a video storyboard that plots out how each shot will be created
  3. Find a video location with appropriate lighting, space, and styling
  4. Shoot your video, paying attention to technical details that can affect the quality for your video
  5. Edit your video and add titles, music, voiceovers, and more
  6. Create variations on your video for different platforms

We work with clients to help them manage the entire process of making their own marketing videos, from start to finish, paying attention to all the small details along the way. If you'd like to find out more about making a marketing video for your business, contact us for a free consultation.

Video marketing is a great tool to show off what's unique and special about your business. The best way to make video marketing work for your business is to take one video production and use it to create multiple videos that can be used across a variety of marketing platforms, from your website to your social media to your ads.

Different video uses require different formats, time lengths, and sizes so it can be difficult to know exactly how to make video marketing work without guidance from an experienced small business video agency.

We've helped small businesses make marketing videos work for them and can help you do the same. Call for a free consultation to get started.

We work with our small business customers to help them identify what kinds of photos and videos will be the most effective for them to convey their brand, capture attention, and achieve their business goals. In general, we recommend the following types of video and photography for small business, though each project is unique.

  • Location Photos - Potential customers love to see what your business looks like to make judgements before visiting. We help you get beautiful photos of your location that welcome new customers.
  • Team Photos & Headshots - We help you show off your team with team and headshot photos, perfect for about pages on your website.
  • Product Photos - Our team takes small business product photography that highlights the unique benefits and values of your products using high quality product photo techniques.
  • Location Videos - Our multimedia team helps display the best aspects of your business location with on-site video filming.
  • Brand Videos - We help you convey your brand and the values of your company in small business video content, designed to align your company with the values and priorities of your target market.
  • Product Videos - Videos are often easier for potential customers to better understand your products and visualize themselves using your products, leading to more sales.

If you're unsure what kinds of photos and videos you need for your small business, we offer free consultations to help you determine what your needs are and get pricing for affordable small business videos and photography services.