Email Marketing for Small Business

Our email marketing agency works with clients to help them manage their email marketing campaigns, email lists, and effectively use email to cultivate client relationships and generate leads for our clients. Email marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing tactics businesses can use and allows you to target customers who are ready and willing to listen to a business’ marketing messages.

Why Choose Our Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing for small business

Email marketing can be extremely cost effective at getting marketing leads to sign on to become clients. Our email marketing company provides full service email marketing services that allow you to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

Build Relationships

Email lists are inherently more likely to listen to marketing messages because they've invited your business to contact them. We work with clients to produce email marketing campaigns that captivate attention and build relationships with customers more easily and quickly.

Automate Sales Conversations

Email automation campaigns can help your business sell goods and services automatically without any action required after setup. We work with clients to implement drip campaigns, welcome messages, and e-commerce emails to capture automated sales.

Stay Top of Mind

Getting to your customers' inboxes isn't subject to algorithms like social media posts are, allowing you to reach your full email audience and stay top of mind. Our email campaigns services help clients maintain awareness and brand affinity.

Share News & Build Industry Leadership

One of the best ways to establish industry leadership is to use email marketing. We help small businesses craft quality email messages that showcase their thought leadership and share company news in an engaging format.

Our Email Management Services

Build Brand Affinity

For most businesses, email is both a marketing tool as well as a sales tool, making it easier to streamline the sales process and allowing you to keep your business top of mind with your customers and contacts.

Our email marketing firm has produced email marketing automation and monthly campaigns that have helped our clients stay top of mind, educate potential customers, and build brand affinity.

"I have been working with Orsanna for some time now and am continuously impressed by the level of knowledge they have in their craft."

- Darby Asner

"I have been working with Orsanna for some time now and am continuously impressed by the level of knowledge they have in their craft."

- Darby Asner

How Our Email Marketing Agency Works

Email Marketing for Small Business Owners

Our email marketing consultants work with you to determine what business goals can benefit the most from email marketing and how email can play a positive role in your business. We develop a comprehensive email strategy best suited for your needs and work together to create an email campaign, work on building your email list, and maintaining that list for consistent deliveries and results.


Monthly Email Campaigns

Consistent, Engaging Emails

Our email campaign agency works with clients to produce monthly email blasts to send to current, past and potential customers to achieve business goals.Email template design

  • Email template design
  • Email campaign writing
  • Email list management
  • Email deliverability reporting


Automated Email Campaigns

Automate your Email Marketing

Our team creates automated campaigns that send based on events in a sales process to cultivate leads into customers while reducing the amount of time sales staff spends on each lead.

  • New sign up & welcome email campaigns
  • Drip campaigns
  • Ecommerce emails
  • Reengagement automation campaigns
  • Anniversary, birthday, and event automation campaigns


List Management and Cleaning

Keep Contacts Up to Date

Our email marketing management agency helps clients who haven't used email marketing in a long time to remove and update incorrect email addresses, add new emails, and correctly integrate new subscribers into future marketing campaigns.

  • Email list cleaning and updating
  • Email list building
  • Deliverability management


Email A/B Testing

Advanced Performance Testing

We create multiple versions of a single email for more robust testing to achieve the best email marketing for small businesses.

  • A/B campaign design
  • Statistical analysis
  • A/B Implementation and management



Retargeting via Email

We integrate email marketing services with digital advertising to target email subscribers with other marketing messages on other platforms to increase marketing performance and business growth.

  • Facebook remarketing campaigns
  • LinkedIn remarketing campaigns
  • Instagram remarketing campaigns
  • Google retargeting and customer match campaigns


Performance Analysis

Email Performance Analysis

Our team analyzes past email performance to make adjustments and changes to drive the most success possible from email marketing.

  • Email reporting
  • Campaign reporting
  • Adjustments and strategy development

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Email Marketing for Small Business

34% Email List Growth 

How we helped a small business grow their email list

Learn how our email marketing digital agency helped a small business increase their email list size by 34% and increase engagement with email automation campaigns.

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Learn About Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Small Business Guide to Email Marketing

Learn more about how small businesses can use email marketing to grow and achieve their business goals with our email marketing articles, email marketing tips for small businesses, and frequently asked questions.

Email Marketing FAQs

A full service email marketing agency handles all aspects of your small business' email marketing, from campaign creation to list management to deliverability.

Our email marketing services agency works with clients as a trusted partner for their email marketing needs, coordinating with them to create effective small business email campaigns that fit their business needs. As part of our work with your small business, we can help you identify how email can play an important role in your customer lifecycle and new customer acquisition strategies.

Want to find out more about our email marketing agency and how we can help you? Schedule a free consultation to learn more about our email marketing agency pricing and services.

The biggest benefit small businesses get from email is often a direct increase of their sales as a result of email marketing. But that's not the only benefit of email marketing. Your small businesses can use email marketing to:

  • Build relationships with your customers and align your business with your customers' values
  • Share news about events and notable developments at your business
  • Build industry thought leadership and demonstrate your expertise
  • Educate leads to reduce sales cycles and make sales reps' jobs easier
  • Build excitement for launches, new products and events
  • Increase customer retention and customer lifetime value

There are even more benefits small businesses can gain from email marketing, depending on their business type, customers, and the goals they'd like to achieve.

We can help you better understand how email marketing can help your business. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our email marketing services for small businesses.

Email marketing is an important tool for small businesses that can overcome obstacles faced by most other marketing methods.

  • Customers pay more attention to their email than other marketing messages
  • Customers have a more positive outlook on email marketing and give you permission to contact them
  • Your business isn't subject to algorithms or changing rules of different social platforms
  • Email is more cost-effective than paid advertising strategies and less time-consuming than other kinds of marketing

If your small business doesn't use email marketing to stay in touch with your customers, you may be missing out on opportunities to take full control of your marketing. 

Our email marketing management company can help your small business get started with email marketing in a free consultation to answer questions and concerns you have about email marketing management.

There are a lot of email marketing strategies small businesses can choose from when deciding how to use email to grow their business. In general, there are different types of email campaigns small businesses can use:

  • Newsletters and email blasts
  • Drip campaigns, or multi-email campaigns sent over a period of time
  • Event-based campaigns that trigger when a certain action is taken, like abandoned cart emails
  • Time-based campaigns that trigger at a certain time, like birthday offers and anniversary emails

Small businesses have lots of options for email campaigns and the only limit is your creativity on how to best use email to help your small business succeed.

We can help you develop the best email marketing strategy to help you meet your goals. Contact us for a free initial consultation to get started with email marketing campaigns. You’ll be surprised at how affordable our email marketing agency costs.

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