PPC Advertising for Small Businesses

Drive Traffic & Leads with Google Ads

We offer services as a PPC agency for Google Ads and other PPC services. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that understands the value of Google paid search and organic traffic. We work with clients to combine efforts of paid traffic and unpaid, organic traffic for an effective marketing strategy that better allocates your marketing budget.

Why Choose Our PPC Company

PPC Management Strategies for Growth

Working with an SEM agency can help you quickly show up at the top of search results by paying for search engine placements and creating instant traffic for your business. We use an integrated marketing approach for our clients, taking both Google PPC and organic traffic into account when planning campaigns and strategies to get the best results and most effective spend.

Fast Results

We work with clients to get Google Ad campaigns up and running on a quick timeline to create instant traffic to your website.

Target the Right Customers

We help you identify the best targeting for Google Ads to show ads only to your ideal clients based on demographics, region, and other information.

Take Control of Messaging & Costs

We help you take control of your PPC marketing to test messaging quickly and easily and have complete control over budgets.

Integrated Approach

We use a combination of paid search and organic search strategies to diversify your traffic streams and reduce overall costs.

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Case Studies & Client Reviews

Orsanna has a record of success helping small businesses get more leads with Google Ads and PPC strategies. Learn more about our case studies of past clients.

Our Pay Per Click Campaign Management Process

PPC Management for Small Businesses

Our PPC advertising company uses an integrated approach to Google Ads and PPC management services that uses a combination of paid and free search traffic to drive traffic and convert more visitors into leads with a more effective ad spend. Want to get started with PPC services? We offer free initial consultations about working with our PPC management company.

Identify Your Best Small Business Customers

Target Customers with PPC Ads

The first step to successful PPC advertising is identifying the ideal customers your small business needs to succeed. We help you identify the best customers that spend the most money with you and develop a strategy to target those individuals with comprehensive marketing and advertising, reducing ad spend wasted on the wrong target market.

  • Identify the common traits of your most lucrative clients
  • Develop a plan to target those individuals with marketing and advertising
  • Identify the advertising channels to target individuals, including digital and traditional ads
  • Develop an advertising budget

Create Effective PPC Ad Campaigns

Integrated Strategies for Success

After developing an integrated approach that balances paid advertisements, earned media strategies, and organic lead acquisition methods, we create ad campaigns using a unique process that helps your small business stand out while tapping into the emotions and primary driving forces of your ideal customers.

  • Campaign creation 
  • Ad writing
  • Landing page creation
  • Detailed demographic targeting
  • Bid strategy implementation

Reporting & Continual PPC Management

Progressive Improvements to Reduce Costs

The most successful campaigns aren't stagnant and constantly evolve based on results. Our Google ads agency creates a routine ad testing schedule to make consistent improvements to our clients' ads to dial in performance through a quality-focused process. Instead of optimizing for the volume of leads, we work closely with clients to optimize for the quality of leads gains through advertising.

  • Routine PPC ad campaign improvements
  • Consistent communication on results
  • Overall goal of reducing ad spend while increasing lead quality

Increase Conversions with Google Remarketing

Be where your customers are

Our PPC specialists set up extensive remarketing campaigns that show your display ads to people who have recently visited your website, increasing clicks and conversions.

  • Display remarketing campaign creation
  • Display remarketing demographic targeting
  • Monitoring & consistent improvements

Our PPC Campaign Management Services

Higher Quality Leads at a Lower Cost

Our Adwords agency uses an integrated marketing approach, combining strategy and rankings from organic search with strategy and budget for Google Ad campaigns to produce better results for our clients. Overall, our clients often see better performance after working with us because of our unique balance of organic and paid traffic techniques.

We help clients attract more customers by researching keywords, optimizing website pages, and crafting pay per click advertisements on search engines and other web properties. By optimizing SEO on websites, finding the right search terms to advertise for, and drafting the ad’s text at the same time, we create a high-quality visitor experience and lower costs per click for our clients.

Step 1

Identify Goals & Strategies

We coordinate with your small business to identify key business goals and tailor digital advertising strategies and select platforms based on those goals. Platforms can include Google Ads, LinkedIn, social media and more.

Step 2

Create Ad Campaigns & Targeting

Our team develops ad collateral and creates campaigns with the right targeting for your business goals. Campaign creation includes ad creation as well as optimized landing pages to increase conversions.

Step 3

Campaign Monitoring & Reporting

Throughout the campaign, we monitor and make adjustments based on results and the financial impact on your business' goals. We maintain transparent reporting processes so your small business can collaborate and get better results.

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Schedule an Advertising Consultation

We offer free initial consultations to discuss working together and make recommendations about advertising for your small business. Consultations typically last 45 minutes and help you understand how you can start growing leads. Consultations typically cover:

  • Recommendations on which ad strategies may work best for your goals
  • Ad budget recommendations
  • Answers to questions about how advertising can solve your company's business challenges

Schedule a consultation to see how working with our small business ppc team works, pricing, and if we're the right fit for your needs.

Learn More about PPC Advertising

What Small Business Owners Should Know about PPC

Our Google Adwords agency is here to help you understand how PPC works and how it can help your small business succeed. We've created a number of articles and FAQ to help guide you to make informed decisions about your small business PPC advertising and Google paid ads.

PPC Campaign Management FAQ

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is a method of getting website traffic by advertising on search engines. Google ads, Bing ads, and other search engine ad platforms are all examples of SEM.

SEM can help small businesses grow by bringing instant traffic to a website without having to wait for organic search rankings to increase website traffic.

PPC, or pay per click, is a kind of search engine advertising that is used by Google and other search engines. Instead of like most advertising where your business pays for your ads to appear, PPC only costs money when someone clicks your ads. As a pay per click agency, we offer Google ads management services to help your small business use one of the most popular PPC platforms.

PPC is an effective way for small businesses to gain website traffic from a targeted audience doing searches related to your business. If your business is struggling to get the right kinds of traffic to your website, pay per click management services can be a huge help to get the right people to your website. PPC is an effective way for small businesses to gain website traffic from a targeted audience doing searches related to your business. If your business is struggling to get the right kinds of traffic to your website, PPC can be a huge help to get the right people to your website. Small businesses can benefit from PPC by being able to:

  • Target your ideal customers with demographics and regional targeting
  • Increase brand awareness of your small business 
  • Gain website traffic from people already interested in your small business goods or services
  • Accurately measure effectiveness of your advertising better than other ad methods
  • Control your ad budgets and only spend money when someone clicks your ad

If you're curious about whether Google Adwords services will work for your small business, we offer free consultations to advise you on a small business PPC strategy and ideas.

Formerly called Google Adwords, Google Ads is the advertising platform from Google that shows ads on search engine result pages and across websites that participate in their ad networks. There's usually 3-4 ads at the top of search results marked with an "Ad" logo on search results and you'll be able to identify Google ads on other websites by a Google Ad logo on the upper right corner of an ad labeled "Ad Choices".

Your small business can buy ads on Google to buy these placements on Google's search engine with PPC ads and PPC display ads on other websites that participate in Google's ad network.

Our pay per click management company helps make the process seamless of buying ads on Google search with fully managed services for Google ads for small businesses.

Almost any business can buy ads on Google, though there are some restrictions for certain kinds of businesses. All that's required to buy ads on Google is a Google Ad account and a payment method, like a credit card. We advise setting up a traditional Google Ads account, not an Express account, which helps you gain full control over your ad account more quickly and easily. As part of our pay per click services, we help small businesses get a Google Ads account setup for the first time and walk them through the process.

Once you get your account set up, the next step is to develop a list of keywords you want to buy ads for and create ads and landing pages to direct traffic to your site from search engine clicks. Once you turn your ads on, you've bought ads from Google.

The process of choosing the right keywords, demographic targeting, and creating ads and landing pages that are effective is the most difficult part of running a Google Ad campaign for your small business. While you don’t have to work with an Adwords management company to be able to buy ads on Google, it can be a huge help to navigate through the complex choices small business owners must make on Google ads. We help guide our clients through that process to make the right choices for their business, as well as create ads and landing pages on their behalf. If you'd like to get started, contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn how PPC can work for you.