Influencer Marketing & PR Services

Build Relationships and Grow Awareness

Today's public relations has changed from primarily focusing on traditional media, like news channels, magazines, and publications, to include a wide array of media outlets. We work with clients to provide traditional media outreach as well as influencer marketing to help raise awareness and drive business growth.

Why Choose Us for Small Business PR

A modern approach to public relations

Our influencer and PR company for small businesses focuses on increasing sales, producing leads, and growing business through influencer marketing and traditional media outlets. We help our identify and manage the right social media influencers who can help grow your business quickly, raise awareness of what you do, and drive lead generation and sales.

Raise Awareness

Being featured in the media, whether traditional media outlets or with influencers, raises awareness about your business, goods and services with your target audience. We work with clients to raise awareness with media placements with the right reach within budget.

Grow Your Audience

Finding the right media outlets and influencers can help your business tap into an existing audience of potential customers who fit your ideal customer profile. We help identify media outlets whose audiences intersect with our clients' ideal customers.

Grow Your Sales

Getting your products and services in front of the right audience can lead directly to sales and business growth. We work with clients to get media placements that achieve business goals.

Get the Attention You Deserve

Small businesses are the backbone of many communities but don't always get the attention from the media and social media that they deserve. We help clients gain the media exposure they deserve to build up their reputation.

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Case Studies of Influencer Marketing & PR Services

We have a proven record of building relationships with influencers and gaining media features for small businesses to help them drive more sales and achieve business goals. We are highly reviewed by our past clients.

How Our Influencer Marketing & PR Services Work

Better Value and Performance

We work closely with our clients to identify the right media placements and earn those placements with the right messaging and pitches to help our clients succeed. Thanks to years of experience working with influencers, we have an established process that works with the same PR strategies for small businesses used by much larger companies at an affordable price.

PR for Small Businesses

Earned Media Placements for Authority

We work closely with clients to secure earned media placements in traditional media outlets that highlight the unique value you bring to your customers. We help your small business by contacting our extensive list of traditional media contacts and serve as a media contact to facilitate traditional media stories for magazine, newspaper or television stories.

  • PR strategy development
  • PR pitch writing
  • Pitch management
  • PR coaching for media appearances 

Influencer Marketing for Small Business

Engage Your Audience and Build a Following

We work directly with influencers, managing media placements, engagement, and dealing with influencers directly to reduce the time our clients spend on influencer marketing campaigns. From finding local influencers near you to knowing how much to pay influencers, we're here to help your small business succeed.

  • Influencer sourcing
  • Influencer management & engagement
  • Community management

Our Influencer Marketing & PR for Small Business

Increase Your Numbers

Most clients who work with us on an earned media campaign are searching for a marketing partner they can trust who will become advocates of their brand on the long term. We understand that PR services for small businesses are more than a one-time campaign and work closely with our clients to achieve business goals through integrated marketing.

We work with clients to help them find influencers, manage influencer outreach, and connect with traditional media outlets to complement influencer marketing. Our PR and influencer marketing services have helped clients reach new audiences with a stamp of approval from an influencer they trust, leading to quick growth and increased sales.

Step 1

Identify Target Audience Media Consumption Habits

Our team uses data and audience analysis to develop a targeted list of influencers or publications your target audience engages with on a routine basis to pursue.

Step 2

Develop an Engaging Pitch

We work with your small business to develop the right pitch or strategy for goals of media placements or an influencer campaign to increase the likelihood that pitches are accepted as well as your business benefits from placements.

Step 3

Manage Pitching Process

Our team manages the pitching process, tracking earned media placements and influencer relationships to maintain brand standards and goals.

Step 4

Reporting & Transparency

We report to your small business the results of the campaigns and align reporting with your business goals to show the full impact of earned media and influencer relationships.

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Get a Free Initial Consultation

We offer free initial consultations to discuss working together and make recommendations about your small business marketing. Consultations typically last 45 minutes and help you understand how you can start marketing your small business. Consultations typically cover:

  • Your company's unique strengths
  • Weaknesses versus your direct competitors
  • Recommendations on how much to spend on advertising
  • Recommendations on which strategies may work best for your goals
  • Answers to questions about your company's marketing challenges

Schedule a consultation to see how working with our small business marketing team works, pricing, and if we're the right fit for your needs.

Learn About Influencer Marketing & PR

What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

Learn more how affordable PR for small businesses can raise awareness, grow an audience, and increase sales with earned media placements and influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing & PR FAQ

Local influencer marketing for your small business can be a great way to get in front of an existing audience that someone else has already built, fast tracking your success. But small business owners should be very careful about the local social media influencers they choose to work with and how much they're spending on influencer campaigns. When finding local instagram influencers, small businesses should be particularly careful of bot accounts and fake engagement numbers.

Our team finds influencers that have cultivated audiences that share demographic similarities with your target customers and influencers who share similar brand values as your business. Small business micro influencers are often the best kind of influencers for small businesses to work with because they have a highly engaged, highly targeted audience. As well, micro influencers are often much more affordable to work with than well-known influencers with large followings.

After years of working with small businesses to manage their PR, we've developed our own management systems to make PR easier and more effective. But along the way, we've learned these top 6 pieces of PR advice for small businesses:

  1. Build relationships with media outlets. The biggest hurdle most small businesses need to overcome when trying to do PR on their own is having existing relationships with media contacts. It's much harder to pitch yourself to a media outlet without an existing rapport with a media contact.
  2. Have a good story to tell with a unique hook. Small businesses often feel like they can't get media coverage because they're not well known but this can often be an advantage because media outlets are always looking for something unique. Make sure you have a great story to tell that's worthwhile for a media outlet to feature.
  3. Be prime-time ready. Media attention needs to be followed up with great customer service, product delivery, and a polished online presence. 
  4. Have a plan and stick with it. Small businesses often stop after a few rejections, despite that most PR campaigns have more nos than yesses. 
  5. Manage your media contacts well to avoid missteps. Make sure you know who you've pitched to, deadlines, and editorial calendars to avoid missing your opportunity.
  6. Follow up, follow up, follow up. Media outlets are very busy and often overlook pitches or pitches get lost in the shuffle. Following up is key to small business PR success.

If you're ready to do PR for your small business but don't know where to start, schedule a free initial consultation to find out how to get started.