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About The Project

Véronique is a French travel blogger who wanted a website redesign to better organize her travel guides and make her website easier for visitors to navigate. She had goals of becoming a tour guide in Paris after years of building an audience while living in Seattle and was looking for a new website design that could grow with her to accommodate changes in her business. Véronique also wanted to start using email marketing more robust and wanted to set up new automations that made welcoming new subscribers and sending out new guides easy.

Project Results

We helped Véronique build an affordable website with a semi-custom design that took a basic blog layout and turned it into a travel guide directory, affiliate store, and gave her the ability to accept bookings as a tour guide. We provided extensive training for Véronique on how to use her new website to add new travel guides, how to add new affiliate linked products, and how to manage her bookings. Véronique has since become a full-time tour guide in Paris, supported by her new webstie.

Notable Achievements

Notable Achievements

  • Affordable website design customized to client's needs
  • SEO optimization for travel guides
  • Email automation setup
  • Website training