Modernizing a 100 Year Old Brand

Nadel and Gussman

Project Overview

Nadel and Gussman is an oil and gas production and exploration company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma with interests across the United States. Founded nearly 100 years ago, Nadel and Gussman needed to come into the 21st century with a modern website that could at as a liaison between the company and lease owners, the general public, and potential business partners.


  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing Strategy



About the Project

Problems & solutions

The Brief

The main goal of the website was to capture attention and dominate the online conversation about Nadel and Gussman to control the narrative of their company.

For nearly one hundred years, Nadel and Gussman has operated in the heart of America’s oil country with wells across Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana and Texas. But with modern innovation comes new way of doing business. To survive the rigors of operating wells and exploring for new natural resources in today’s oil industry, Nadel and Gussman needed a website to serve as a liaison for oil lease owners and the general public.

Nadel and Gussman had never had an online presence before and wanted their website to serve as a marketing hub for the long-standing brand. We needed to showcase leadership and non-profit causes they support to highlight the company’s positive contributions to communities where they operate while retaining privacy.

The Plan

Taking a brand with a long history and transforming it into the digital age is no easy task, especially when one of the main concerns is to retain the privacy of key decision makers in the family-owned company.

We focused on creating an online space that allowed the company to take advantage of opportunities to rank in search engine results and creating a brand of authority and history without being bogged down in the past.

Arkansas Website Design for Oil and Gas Company

Project Results

Our Work

Building an Online Hub

We developed a mobile-responsive website that showcases Nadel and Gussman’s history and future while providing information for lease owners and the general public. The website is optimized for targeted search result terms Nadel and Gussman wanted to rank for and we worked to establish a backlink profile for the website to get it started on the right foot.

We also worked with Nadel and Gussman to claim and optimize business profiles across the internet and control the narrative about their executives, business, and corporate history.

Client Testimonial

“Orsanna was the perfect choice to design our first company website. They were able to expertly guide us through the many design and content decisions allowing us to tailor the site to fit our organization. Not only will your website look great, you can rest assured it will work great as well. Orsanna trains you to make ongoing updates to keep your website fresh and has been quick to respond with any follow up questions. I would definitely recommend Orsanna.”

– Shelley Nichols, CFO, Nadel and Gussman

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