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Our Little Rock social media marketing agency works with clients in the Arkansas area to create an online social media presence that fosters customer relationships. We work to help you build a social media presence that reflects your business and brand while engaging with customers.

Why Choose Our Arkansas Social Media Marketing Company

Working With Our Little Rock Social Media Team

At Orsanna, our social media team keeps up with updates, changes, and trends across multiple social media platforms. We provide social media marketing services for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and what best fits your business.

Build Your Brand

Our team can help you turn your social media platforms into a showcase of your values, goods, and services.

Gain New Leads

We help you use social media to create a place for your customers to engage and interact. We can help turn visitors into potential clients for your business.

Build Connections 

We can help you use your platform as a place for supporters to gather, grow your following, and build a community around your company.

Work with Locals

Our social media management team is based in Arkansas in our Little Rock office. We’re proud Arkansans and understand what it means to live and do business in Arkansas.

Our Arkansas Social Media Marketing Services

Little Rock Social Media Platform Management

We help you use your social media as a means to drive business and grow a community of supporters through your platforms. Our goal isn’t just to help you grow your audience but to help you use social media to grow your business.

“We’re seeing a surprising return on investment from social media. We get a lot of RFQs through our website and social media.”

-Eric Chambers, Central Tube & Bar in Conway, Arkansas

“We’re seeing a surprising return on investment from social media. We get a lot of RFQs through our website and social media.”

-Eric Chambers, Central Tube & Bar in Conway, Arkansas

Arkansas Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Management

Our process makes social media management easy and cost effective for our clients to help them grow their Arkansas based business with organic and paid social media. Our expert social media team guides your company through the steps towards making social work for your growth.


Establish a Social Media Presence

Identify the Best Social Media Platforms For You

We help you identify the best social media platforms for your Arkansas based business that you can use to target your audience and engage with them.

  • All major platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Profile claiming & optimization
  • Post creation and scheduling
  • Seamless approval process


Social Media Community Management

Build an Engaged Arkansas Social Media Community

We help you interact with your social media community in a positive, professional way that creates connections and increases business. Our Arkansas social media team also monitors reviews and comments to help your business grow with positive community engagement.

  • Interaction in messages with potential customers
  • Engagement in comments
  • Cross-page promotion and engagement strategies
  • Negative sentiment and comment suppression


Social Media Advertising

Get In Front of Arkansas Social Media Users

We help create and manage social media advertising campaigns for Arkansas businesses to target their ideal customers and gain leads. Our Arkansas social media ad team monitors and makes changes to get the most results from ad campaigns on social media for your business.

  • Social media ad creation
  • Demographic targeting implementation
  • Multiple ad variations per campaign
  • Seamless approval process


Social Media Reporting & Analysis

Arkansas Based Social Media Managers

Our team of Arkansas social media managers works closely with you to monitor, address, and analyze results from social media and make adjustments to campaigns. We provide monthly reports on performance to help you better understand how social media is driving leads to your company.

  • Consistent monitoring
  • A/B analysis and testing
  • Adjustments to social strategy on routine basis

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Social Media Marketing Arkansas

A Return on Investment in Social Media Marketing

Increased Leads from Social Media Management

We worked with Central Tube and Bar, a manufacturing company in Conway, Arkansas, to help them use social media to increase their leads. Learn how they saw a return on their investment from working with us.

Read The Case Study

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Arkansas Social Media Management FAQ

Our team of social media experts has a proven record of helping Arkansas businesses generate revenue through social media while increasing brand awareness, building an audience, and increasing customer loyalty. Not only do we have the talent and experience that Arkansas businesses need to be successful at social media, we've developed a customer-centric focus that allows our clients to get the best experience of working with a social media marketing agency in Arkansas. 

We believe that the most successful social media campaigns incorporate both organic and paid social media strategies to target your ideal customers and cultivate relationships with potential clients. In our experience, combining community management skills with social media advertising allows Arkansas businesses to do more than increase followers and likes to have a direct impact on revenue and the bottom line. 

We offer both organic and social media advertising services together to clients to help give them the solutions they need to grow through social media marketing.  

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