Do You Need A Facebook Beacon?

For a handful of selected business page managers, when you log into Facebook next, you might see a message about a new Facebook feature called the Facebook Beacon. What is the Facebook Beacon and should you get one for your business?

Let’s talk about what the Facebook Beacon will do for your business and whether getting one is a good choice for you. Although this program is open to certain Facebook Pages at this time, you can request a beacon today!

What is the Facebook Beacon?

The Facebook Beacon is a wireless Bluetooth device that recognizes Facebook users and sends special messages to them via the Facebook App related to the business that the Beacon is in.

In other words, as a business owner, you can use the Facebook Beacon as a way to better promote your business to people inside your store by creating a better relationship with them.

What kinds of things the Beacon Shares

With the current program from Facebook, the Facebook Beacon shares:

  • Posts and photos from visitor’s friends about the business
  • Basic info about the business, like operating hours
  • Posts from the business’ Facebook Page
  • Upcoming events at or created by the Page
  • Popular menu items for restaurants Pages

Interacting with the content doesn’t post anything to the visitor’s profile or reveal where they are at that time, aiming to keep privacy a priority.

The Beacon also allows visitors to like and interact with content related to your business while they’re at your business. And it doesn’t take much to see how that could influence your visitor’s behavior on what they buy or that they keep up with Page updates once they leave. 

What are the Benefits of the Facebook Beacon?

While we haven’t had the opportunity to test it out yet (but we will be sharing data once we do!), Facebook asserts that there are benefits for business owners in this new program. Not only can it help to increase your Page’s reach with more likes, it can increase engagement for business pages and create a relationships with new customers. It also serves as a great way to share “hidden secrets” about your business that can help steer a visitor’s decision process while at your store.

  • Increased engagement
  • Increased Facebook post reach
  • Ability to direct visitors to certain services or products
  • Relationship building with visitors
  • Improved SEO

How can the Facebook Beacon Improve SEO?

Beyond just Facebook-centeric benefits, there are great benefits for your overall website health and digital marketing reach. Visitors are urged to leave reviews about their visit. Positive reviews are a factor in your website’s ability to rank in search engines. Since social signals like reviews are a way for Google and other search engines to tell if customers like your store, it’s a strong factor when it comes to showing  your business to local searchers looking for your services. The more positive reviews you can gain on Facebook, the better off your business will be in Google. What better way to do that than to ask your visitors who are Facebook users to do that inside the app, making the process seamless as possible?

As well as more reviews, more engagement on your Facebook page means that your posts will perform better too, allowing your business to reap the full benefits of Facebook posts and updates. Facebook has decreased the number of business-oriented updates users see over time and bases how many people your updates will appear to based on the value of the post and how well your Facebook page engages users. Great value but low engagement? Not many of your Facebook fans will see your messages.

With the Beacon, you can increase engagement and your Facebook reach—all without spending money on Facebook ads. And for us, that’s a win-win situation.

Should You Get the Facebook Beacon?

In short, yes. If your business is on Facebook, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use the technology Facebook gives you to your fullest advantage.

Just remember, don’t put all of your digital marketing energy and budget into Facebook or any other single social media platform. Facebook and others can change the rules whenever they want to make your costs increase to reach fans or followers. As with most social networks, integrating Facebook into your digital marketing plans is a good idea, but focusing on a social media site should never cause you to neglect your website. Your website is the one social media channel you already control.

Should my Business get a Facebook Beacon?

P.S. Don’t have a website and are just hoping Facebook doesn’t ruin your business with the next change? We can help with affordable website design.

Written By
Kim Herrington
Updated Oct.16.19