Want Quick Positive ROI on Marketing? Try PPC

Want a quick win for your business and get new leads quickly from your website? Instead of waiting for organic SEO to kick in, PPC is the way to do it!

However, that being said you shouldn’t jump into PPC unprepared because PPC can be an expensive experiment if done incorrectly.

Why PPC is the Fastest Way to Positive ROI

PPC is pretty straightforward. You write ads that send traffic from search engines to your website if they click on your ad in search results. Ads show for searches you select based on keywords and related terms in your list. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Combined with a website set up to turn visitors into customers, PPC can quickly become a source of revenue for your business. If someone is looking for a product or service your business provides, PPC can be a great source of highly qualified leads who are already ready to buy.

Positive ROI occurs when you spend less than it takes for you to obtain the customer. On the short term, it’s really easy to connect the dots between clicks to your site from people interested in what you have to offer and sales. Compared to traditional advertising, PPC has an easily quantifiable return on your investment and is extremely clear cut.

You can know exactly what you’re spending and how many leads you’re getting with that investment in just a few clicks. And the best part is you can set up a PPC campaign in just a few hours to make your first sales. It doesn’t take months like some other digital marketing strategies.

What it takes to make a successful PPC campaign

PPC ad success depends on a few factors and working with a skilled PPC campaign manager can help you get a positive ROI even faster. PPC involves a lot of skills, ranging from ad copy writing to technical skills to SEO research. Figuring out what’s going to work best for your company brings together a skillset unique to PPC that crosses into lots of other digital marketing skills.

There are two parts to a success PPC ad: your bid and your quality.

SEO and PPC tend to go hand in hand. Some of the same things that impact your website’s ability to rank in search engines also affect your ads ability to rank in PPC ad spots. PPC combines quality factors, like ad engagement, your website’s content, landing page quality, and other factors with your bid amount. If you have a high quality ad, you can pay less than others bidding for the same spot and get a higher ad ranking. Improving your quality over time can help reduce your costs—and increase your ROI.

On the short-term, PPC ads can see a positive ROI that allows you to reinvest in other long-term digital marketing strategies like organic SEO and social media marketing. On the long-term, PPC can help you obtain quick wins and perfect your website to convert more sales.

While PPC is efficient and obtains a high ROI, other marketing can often be more effective at achieving your business goals.

Fast Tracking PPC Success

Working with a skilled PPC expert who knows how to quickly start your PPC campaign and how to make adjustments to keep your campaigns on track can save you a great deal of time and advertising money. If you’re busy making mistakes and trying out ads you’re not sure will work, you’re not on the fast track to PPC success.

Our PPC team is ready to help your business get a quick win while you’re waiting for other marketing to kick into high gear. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

              Kim Herrington
Kim Herrington

Kim Herrington is Creative Director of Orsanna where she leads the production and strategy for clients' marketing and advertising. She founded Orsanna over seven years ago to bring quality marketing services to business owners.

Category: Small Business Advertising
Published: Jan 24, 2017 Last Updated: May 05, 2020

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