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Trusted Through the Years

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About The Project

We've worked with LeAnne Carpenter throughout the years to develop two different wedding photography websites for her business and help her market her small business. Nothing speaking louder to how much small business owners trust us with their online presences than repeat website designs. 

The goal for Arin Photography’s first website was to showcase their natural light photography and the unique value of documenting life’s biggest moments with film photography. We worked with LeAnne to develop a website that took into account her desires for high-quality photos while still maintaining quick loading times and best practices for website design.

Years after the first website and a continued relationship of working together, Arin Photography came back to us to redesign the website for a rebrand to Arin Hayley Photography. We helped LeAnne transition her business to a new name while maintaining SEO value and advising her throughout the process. 

Project Results

Photographers often struggle with pairing photos with website design and many photographer website designs are slow loading, negatively affecting SEO. We focused on helping LeAnne select engaging photographs that showcased her work while making sure they wouldn’t bog down the site. We worked with Arin Photography to help them build a website that used SEO best practice while still maintaining image quality and showcase the wedding photographer's unique photography style.

LeAnne has continued her relationship with our agency and we help her maintain her site, adding new photographs and content to her website as she creates them.

Notable Achievements

Notable Results

  • Fast loading, mobile-responsive site
  • Continued Website Maintenance 
  • Hired us for second website design when rebranded