Social Media Advertising Services

Social Media Advertising Services

Social advertising can help your business acquire new leads and customers, raise brand awareness, and grow your company. We offer social media advertising services for businesses across the country, including Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising and Pinterest advertising.


We worked with Emerson Scott, a national law firm, to help them acquire highly targeted traffic to their website and sign a pivotal client with Facebook ad campaigns.Read the case study→


At Orsanna, we focus on the effectiveness of social media advertising for your business’s with social media advertising campaigns tailored to your unique business needs and goals. Often our clients are trying to reach a certain group of people and social media advertising usually presents the best investment of marketing dollars to achieve these goals.

We help our clients asses social media advertising opportunities, decide which social platforms are right for them, and create and monitor social media ad campaigns on their behalf. Campaigns can include marketing collateral creation, including images and videos for social media campaigns.

Our social media advertising company prices our services based on the number of campaigns, ads and campaign budget needed to successfully create and execute your social media advertising goals. Overall, our clients find that our social media ad management pricing is an affordable way to effectively generate leads for their businesses quickly and easily.

The process we use with our social media advertising clients narrows in on the particular goals for the social campaign as well as where that campaign fits into clients’ overall business goals and digital marketing strategy.


Considering advertising on Facebook? Our Facebook advertising agency works with our clients to help them create and manage Facebook ads and optimize Facebook ad campaigns to produce the best results for the least amount of ad spend. Facebook is a great way to find new customers and cultivate relationships with existing customers through different kinds of Facebook ads.

Our Facebook ads manager team focuses on helping your company achieve your goals by using Facebook as a marketing tool rather than building your business on Facebook. In the past, many companies relied on Facebook’s free platform to reach their customers but many find they have to pay to play. We focus on helping you build your business by using Facebook, rather than relying on Facebook to give you access to your audience.

We offer Facebook campaigns to raise brand awareness, reach new people, and engage a new audience as well as Facebook retargeting campaigns to re-engage existing customers and previous website visitors.


Instagram ads are becoming increasingly important as part of social media marketing, particularly for product based business or businesses targeting highly engaged demographics on Instagram. Our Instagram advertising team helps clients create captivating Instagram visuals and ad campaigns that achieve business goals and advertising objectives.

Integrating as part of Facebook’s social platform, we often work with clients to create cohesive marketing campaigns between both Instagram and Facebook.


Promoted pins and Pinterest search ads are often overlooked as a way for businesses to reach new potential customers who are actively interested and searching for what a business offers. Pinterest ads are a combination between social media advertising and search advertising that makes understanding both social media marketing and search engine optimization important factors to success. Our Pinterest ad team works closely with clients to create promoted pin campaigns that achieve business goals and use the Pinterest advertising platform to its full capacity. Advertising on Pinterest is a relatively new marketing channel that is particularly valuable to businesses selling and serving customers online and across the country.


Twitter ads can be a great way to engage certain demographic groups with your brand and engage an audience not easily accessible on other social media platforms. We work with clients to create Twitter advertising campaigns and ad collateral that focuses on business goals and successfully target desired markets.


Whether you’re looking to find social media marketing companies for short term advertising campaigns or as part of a long term marketing strategy, the first step is to contact us and schedule a free initial consultation. We meet to discuss your business goals, advertising needs, and how you’d like social advertising to benefit your business. Based on our discussion, we’ll help you come up with a plan to use social media advertising to grow your business based on your goals, needs and budget.

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