Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Our social media management services allow our clients to benefit from an expert social media manager dedicated to their account focused on building relationships with customers online without the need to focus on the constantly changing landscape of social media marketing. Our social media marketing company can help your business navigate the ever changing landscape of social media platforms to draw attention to your business and better serve your customers. We provide a number of social media marketing services, including high-quality, relevant social media messaging, social media monitoring, and social media strategy.

How Social Media Marketing helps Small Businesses Succeed

Build Your Brand

Building your brand can help showcase the unique values of your business and why customers should use your goods & services.

Aquire New Customers

Social media can help build your business a new customer base, relying on the sharing nature of social networks.

Create Supporters

Your business can stay top of mind with consistent social media messaging and create a strong base of supporters who help your business grow.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media management is priced based on how much engagement is needed for your audience, your particular business goals for growth, and the number and kinds of social media platforms you’d like us to maintain. We offer social media marketing packages customized to your business goals and budget. We also offer social media advertising services.

Our social media marketing services include:

  • Facebook Marketing - We work with brands and businesses to manage their Facebook marketing on their behalf, maintain their Facebook pages, and integrate their marketing on Facebook into their overall business plans. We offer Facebook content creation services, Facebook analytics analysis, Facebook marketing strategy and Facebook management services to clients nationwide.
  • Instagram Marketing - Instagram management centers on creating authentic and engaging messages that create a relationship with followers while focusing on business growth. We offer Instagram content creation services, Instagram management, and Instagram strategy services to clients nationwide.
  • Pinterest Marketing - Pinterest, while commonly understood as a social media network, functions today similar to a search engine. We offer Pinterest marketing services and Pinterest management services with a focus on Pinterest SEO to increase brand awareness and conversions from Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn Marketing - We have experience managing LinkedIn both for businesses and individuals to create online relationships, cultivate leads, and integrate marketing into important leadership roles in companies. We offer LinkedIn management and LinkedIn profile optimization services.
  • Twitter Marketing - Our Twitter management team focuses on helping your brand gain exposure and awareness on Twitter while increasing website traffic, cultivating leads and integrating Twitter into an overall marketing plan. We offer Twitter management and Twitter marketing services.

Why Choose Us for Social Media Marketing

Social Media That Works

At Orsanna, our social media marketing team stays up to date with the latest trends in social media, updates to social media platforms that affect businesses, and new techniques businesses can use to grow their businesses with social media.

Why Choose Us for Social Media Marketing

Social Media That Works

At Orsanna, our social media marketing team stays up to date with the latest trends in social media, updates to social media platforms that affect businesses, and new techniques businesses can use to grow their businesses with social media.


We work closely with clients to implement social media marketing that aligns with their brand's voice and values as well as impacts business success.

Engagement Management

We offer community management for engagement, message management, and responding and interacting with social media audiences to give clients a robust solution to social media.

Expertise & Experience

Our team has proven results managing social media accounts that produced business growth through effective messaging and community management.

Integrated Approach

We focus on integrating our social media marketing services with other marketing channels to give our clients the most effective marketing campaigns.
"We're seeing a surprising return on investment from social media. We get a lot of RFQs through our website and social media"
- Eric Chambers, Central Tube & Bar

Social Media Marketing Case Studies

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

More and more, consumers are turning to social media to discover products, judge businesses, and ask questions. Beyond this, consumers also expect near-instantaneous responses from businesses and a level of interaction that requires an adept understanding of how social media works. Silence on social media isn’t a safe bet for many businesses, as consumers often look negatively on businesses that don’t use social media when making purchase decisions.

Our process centers on identify the kinds of social media messages your customers want to see, what helps drive business growth, and creating social media content with your business goals in mind. We use a lean analytical process to perfect your social media to drive positive results.

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