Lawyer SEO Services for Law Firms

Lawyer SEO Services

Seasoned lawyer SEO experts are the key to a successful law firm in today’s competitive legal market. With 97% of consumers searching for local services turning to search engines, clients are already searching for your services and attorney SEO services can help you be the first and only firm they contact. We are an attorney owned and operated law firm SEO company and have proven results of ranking our clients for competitive keyword and searches.

Top Rankings for National Keywords

A personal injury firm wanted to become the national authority for jail injuries and deaths as a new practice area. They worked with our personal injury lawyer SEO experts to gain first place rankings across the country for keywords in their niche and saw an influx of cases they would have otherwise had to pay referrals for.

Law Firm SEO Services

Law firm SEO has become increasingly important to building a successful law firm. After all, many consumers turn to search engines to make purchasing decisions—and it’s no different for searching for someone to take their case.

We offer law firm SEO services that focus on increasing rankings in Google and other search engines through building a strong and valuable online footprint for our clients’ law firms.

Getting your law firm to the top of search results requires more than just putting the right keywords in the right places. Lawyer SEO has evolved from putting keywords on your website into something much more robust as search engines’ demand on websites for quality and authority has increased.

Quality and Authority Focused

Recent updates to Google’s ranking algorithm hold law firms to a higher standard than other businesses when it comes to expertise, authority and trustworthiness. We work with clients to showcase these traits of their firm in a way search engines understand to improve rankings.

Ethical SEO Practices

Attorney SEO services are subject to legal ethics standards but many SEO strategies and techniques may not meet those requirements. As an attorney owned and operated legal SEO company, we work with clients to help them understand what SEO work is being done and how it relates to restrictions of ethics rules.

How Our Lawyer SEO Services Work

Getting a top placement through law firm SEO for your practice area can transform your law firm leads from a trickle to a constant stream. But SEO isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Our approach centers on three key methods:

  • Building a website that positions your firm as the authority in your practice area
  • Making the website “talk to Google” in the ways it understands through technical changes and improvements
  • Creating an online presence off your firm’s website that showcases your expertise and trustworthiness

Because Orsanna is an attorney owned and operated law firm SEO company, we already know why your clients are turning to search—and what makes a good case. We don’t ask you to spend time educating us on your practice area like other law firm SEO companies often do.

We combine knowledge of SEO, content marketing, website design, and the law to provide exceptional service to our clients. It all starts with a free initial consultation to learn about your firm’s growth goals and recommendations for a lawyer SEO strategy for your firm.

Learn More About Our Attorney SEO Services

The first step is to contact us for a free initial consultation about your firm, what your growth goals are, and what practice areas and geographic locations your firm targets.

Contact us today to get started on ranking your firm higher in search engines.