Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Social media marketing is one of the newest kinds of marketing law firms are trying, especially as ethical rules are beginning to allow firms to actively market on social media platforms. We have a proven track record of working with law firms to cultivate leads through social media management and social media advertising, driving hundreds of leads to our clients with social media messages.

We are an attorney owned legal marketing agency that works with law firms to help them build a strong reputation on social media that contributes to their financial growth and moves the needle on firm goals. We emphasize social media success in terms of business success, not the number of likes or comments our posts for lawyers receive. Ultimately, our goal is to help our law firm clients grow with social media marketing while keeping ethical requirements top of mind.

What Makes Our Social Media for Lawyers Different

Attorney Owned

We know how to go beyond building an audience to build firm growth because we are attorney owned and understand what makes a lucrative case.

Quality Control

Our in-house legal team provides quality control and reviews social media strategies, posts, and social media ads before they are sent for review.

One Firm Focus

We focus on working with one firm per practice area per region to give our clients a competitive advantage in social media.

Our Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Our goal is to capture the attention of people in search of legal services where they spend most of their time online with our social media marketing services for law firms. We work closely with our legal clients to provide high quality social media management that drives firm growth by cultivating a following, increasing awareness, and taking advantage of the viral nature of social media to encourage referrals from past clients and social media followers.

The legal industry has been slow to adopt marketing norms in other industries, including social media, because of questions of ethical compliance and the benefits of cultivating an audience on social platforms. We have been working with law firms for a number of years, helping them grow their number of cases and build strong reputations that drive more leads to reach out.

  • Facebook Marketing - We work with clients to create an active, engaging social media experience on the most popular social media network to drive leads and firm growth. Most practice areas benefit from Facebook marketing services, especially those targeted at the average legal service consumer.
  • Instagram Marketing - Younger demographics and more social network savvy users on Instagram demand a higher level of polish and expertise to succeed. We work with clients to manage Instagram profiles to showcase their firm's unique values and drive growth.
  • LinkedIn Marketing - Well suited towards cultivating referral sources both in the legal industry as well as in complementary industries like financial planning and tax preparers, LinkedIn marketing works well for practice areas targeting business professionals. We offer both company page and individual profile management as well as group engagement services.
  • Twitter Marketing - While Twitter may no longer be the hottest social media platform, certain demographics still flock there which allows law firms to cultivate leads. We work with clients to help them target the right individuals and find new clients.
  • Social Media Advertising - We offer social media advertising services to help clients drive traffic and sign leads to grow their case load. We have a proven track record of creating hundreds of leads from high quality social media ads.
  • Community Management - As part of our social media services, we engage with followers on behalf of our legal clients, including fielding messages, responding to comments, and monitoring mentions.
  • Analysis and Adjustments - Social media is a fast moving marketing medium, requiring constant analysis and supervision for success. Our team closely monitors our client accounts and makes adjustments to respond to best practice changes and to make social media marketing more effective over time.
Found a class represenative for a case to file a multi-million dollar claim in just 7 days with Facebook ad campaign.
- Emerson Firm, PLLC

Social Media Legal Case Studies

We have a proven record of using social media to grow law firms. Learn more in our portfolio about our past work.

Case Studies

Our Social Media Management Process

Law firms require significantly more oversight for social media management than other industries. Many marketing agencies don't fully understand the risks for lawyers on social media and don't have proper processes in place to help clients manage social media without significant time investment. We've developed a process to help our clients quickly and easily supervise social media while getting better service and results than our competitors. As an attorney owned marketing agency, we understand what it takes to succeed in the law as well as in marketing your firm.

Meet Our Team

Finding the right partner for marketing often comes down to shared values in addition to expertise and experience. Learn more about our leadership and team.

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Our Process

Learn more about our lean analytical process of marketing and how we design marketing services to provide the best value and performance for our customers.

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