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Law Firm Marketing

Finding the right law firm marketing agency for your firm can feel like swimming in shark infested waters. Our legal marketing company is different from the rest—not only are we attorney owned and operated, we offer lawyer marketing services focused on helping our clients firms grow through transparent and ethical legal marketing.

We work with law firms to implement law firm marketing strategies and best practices through a wide offering of services. Our goal is to be a partner to our legal clients to help them grow their caseload and revenues by driving leads, building awareness, and increasing market share within their practice area and geographic region.

Proven Lawyer Marketing Results

Our law firm marketing team worked with Emerson Scott, LLP to establish their practice in a new area in less than two months through comprehensive internet marketing strategies. Read the case study

Digital Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms

We are a boutique legal marketing firm that acts as marketing managers and trusted advisors to our legal clients. Instead of having to purchase a number of lead generating or pay-per-lead services, we offer an integrated approach to marketing that helps create a more efficient use of marketing dollars. With our law firm marketing services, you never pay us for your leads, allowing your law firm to grow without being restricted by expensive lead referral costs.

Our goal is to help develop our clients into the leading firm in their practice area and region, building up their reputation through an integrated marketing approach that uses a combination of SEO, content marketing, social media, and legal advertising.

Exceptional Legal Marketing

We emphasize long, mutually profitable relationships with our clients and focus on one firm per practice area in a geographical region.  

Attorney Owned

Unlike other law firm marketing agencies, we are attorney owned and operated. We bring knowledge of the law, what makes a lucrative case, as well as awareness of ethics rules to our work. Before sending work to our clients, our in-house legal team checks for quality, reducing the time our clients spend on supervising marketing.

Integrated Approach

We help clients bring all of their marketing under one campaign, one budget, and one partner. With increased cross-communication between marketing strategies and an integrated approach to marketing and advertising focused on cost-effective growth.

Why Orsanna is the Best Legal Marketing Agency

As an attorney, Joseph worked for various law firms and ultimately managed his own law firm, the Charlson Law Firm, which focused on helping small business clients. Now serving as a co-owner and in-house counsel for Orsanna, Joseph intimately understands the realties of marketing a law firm. He teamed up with co-owner Kim Herrington to bring exceptional quality legal marketing to law firms through her nationally-recognized marketing expertise.

We have a proven track record of helping law firms achieve their business goals, create sustainable client acquisition streams, and gain notoriety for their accomplishments. Our team understands that marketing law firms isn’t the same as marketing any other kind of business, not only because of ethical restraints but because it is a highly-competitive market and requires extremely efficient marketing to be effective. We are accepting new legal clients in practice areas and geographic locations that do not overlap with our current legal marketing clients, allowing us to build each of our clients’ law firms into the leader for their practice area and location.

Our Lawyer Marketing Services

We offer the following services for law firm marketing:

We also offer complimentary legal advertising services to offer a complete law firm growth solution for law firms.

Our Approach to Law Firm Marketing Strategies

You’ve probably tried the same marketing strategies as other law firms, like pay-per-lead and referral services, phonebook ads, or other similar services. The trouble is you’re setting yourself up for increased competition when you stick to these types of legal marketing strategies. Instead of being the only attorney vying for leads on that source, you’re one of countless law firms trying to use their services to gain clients. It’s no surprise that the lawyers with the deepest pockets get the best leads from those sources.

Unlike other legal marketing services, our skilled legal marketing team is actively focused on your account rather than a lead generation platform. We are extremely selective about the law firms we work with and prefer to serve one client for a specific practice area and geographic location. We don’t think it’s very smart to be working against ourselves for two clients trying to get the same clients.

We offer our clients a different approach to legal marketing, helping our law firm clients tap into new marketing techniques and strategies other law firms aren’t yet using. In other words, working with us means you can be ahead of the curve and beat the competition to new opportunities.

How our Attorney Marketing Services Work

We’ve developed a process that allows us to quickly implement legal marketing services and deliver great legal marketing to our clients on a short timeline. With our expertise as legal marketing experts combined with knowledge of the law, we’re able to hit the ground running with less ramp up time than many other firms. You won’t spend hours coaching our marketing team through your business model, what cases you want, or even ethical rule basics. Instead, you can focus on the growth of your firm and increasing your bottom line.

Step One: Develop a Law Firm Marketing Plan

We take our knowledge of the legal marketing industry and how to successfully market a law firm to develop a unique marketing plan for your practice. Our marketing planning includes competitive research, helping you identify the most lucrative kinds of cases for your firm, and developing an overarching marketing strategy with a focus on your bottom line.

Step Two: Implement Great Legal Marketing

Our legal marketing team implements the marketing plan, producing legal marketing that’s a step above the rest. Implementation can include anything from website development, SEO, backlink building, social media, and other marketing services. Our in-house legal team checks our work before we send it to clients for review, reducing the time our clients spend approving and managing their marketing and streamlining the process.

Step Three: Analyze Results and Adjust

Marketing success is an active, constantly changing target and our team doesn’t let moving targets get in our way. We analyze results and adjust accordingly, A/B testing throughout the process with the goal of producing the best law firm marketing outcomes. We’re also extremely transparent with our clients and communicate results in a way that’s meaningful to your bottom line, not just in terms of likes or impressions.

Find Out More About our Legal Marketing Services

Contact us to get started marketing your law firm. We’re accepting clients in regions where we don’t already serve another client in the same practice areas.

We’re happy to speak with you about your legal marketing needs and how our law firm marketing agency can help your firm succeed. As they say in the legal market, your first consultation is always free.