Law Firm PPC Services

Law Firm PPC

PPC for law firms isn’t as straightforward as Google advertising for other types of businesses and a lot more is at risk for lawyers. Between higher advertising costs than most other industries and ethical requirements, lawyers need a partner that knows not only how to target the right kinds of cases but also how to mitigate risks involved with legal advertising. At Orsanna, we combine an integrated marketed approach with legal industry knowledge to give our clients a trusted partner that does more than just write ad copy.

Lawyer Ads with Increased Leads & Lower Cost-per-Click

We worked with a bankruptcy attorney to run a law firm PPC campaign targeting bankruptcy clients and achieved an average of 3.98% click through rate for all keywords and 4.25% click through rate on "bankruptcy attorney", driving leads and traffic to the firm's website.

Law Firm PPC: What You Need To Know

PPC for law firms is more complex than the average company—and you need a partner that understands the unique needs of your firm and practice area. Lawyer PPC requires a higher level of expertise than the average Google Ad campaign because of higher costs, higher regulation, and smaller margins for error.

We offer law firm PPC services that focus on an integrated approach between paid and organic traffic to reduce bid costs.

Our clients often receive above average click through rates on highly competitive keywords with reduced costs, making their return on investment better than many other PPC companies. As well, lawyer ads we create are proofed by our in-house legal team, combining the expertise of Google Ads and legal knowledge together to craft high performing Google ad campaigns.

Higher Costs

Margins are smaller in PPC marketing for law firms because bids are much higher than other industries. We work closely with clients to decrease costs and focus on law firm PPC services to increase their bottom line.

Ethical Risks

Other industries are unregulated on what kinds of advertising messages they can use so many PPC companies don’t understand that what works in other industries isn’t allowed. Our ads are proofed by our in-house legal team for quality before we send them for approval.

How Our Adwords for Law Firms Works

Our lawyer PPC process centers on three goals for our clients to get the most clients for the least spend:

  • Getting as many free clicks as possible through organic rankings
  • Reducing the amount spent per click
  • Getting as high a placement as possible

Our strategy breaks down into three main steps:

Keyword Selection

We do extensive research to identify which keywords are most searched and combine it with research about organic ranking difficulty and costs per click. Once we’ve identified targets, we develop a combined PPC and SEO strategy to get as much free and low cost traffic as possible.

Page Optimization

Optimizing websites for law firm PPC requires a slightly different approach than SEO. We incorporate SEO best practices with PPC best practices to increase the page quality, which can reduce costs per click and increases ad rankings.

Ad Copywriting

We craft unique ads for our legal PPC clients, using copywriting practices to increase ad quality for Google’s requirements and enticing clicks from potential clients. Our ads are reviewed by our in-house legal team for quality before being sent to our clients for review.

Thanks to this method, our clients historically have higher than average click through rates and often pay less than the competition. They also see higher free traffic, reducing the overall cost of acquiring new cases versus their competition.

How to Get Started with Our Law Firm PPC Services

We offer free initial consultations to learn about your firm’s goals and to complete a free assessment of recommended legal advertising strategies and budgets. Contact us today to find out more.