Influencer Marketing and PR Firm

Influencer Marketing and PR

Working with an influencer agency to identify the right social media influencers who can help grow your business quickly, raise awareness of what you do, and drive lead generation and sales. At Orsanna, we work with clients to help them find influencers, manage influencer outreach, and connect with traditional media outlets to complement influencer marketing. Our social influencer marketing program has helped clients reach new audiences with a stamp of approval from an influencer they trust, leading to quick growth and increased sales.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Your customers are trained to ignore marketing in today's fast-paced world. Instead of relying on marketing to inform them about products and services, they rely on online influencers to find out about new products, trends and get advice and recommendations. Influencers are essential to building a robust, online brand.

How can Influencer Marketing help my company?

As marketing messages increase in number, your ideal customers are getting better and better at ignoring marketing they don’t want to hear. Instead of listening to yet another marketing pitch, they’re relying on people they trust to give opinions, recommendations, and suggestions. With today’s fast-paced, social media heavy environment, this sort of recommendation marketing is not just about referrals from people your potential customers know—it’s also people they’ve never met before but follow actively online: influencers.

We help our clients identify influencers, manage influencer outreach to approach influencers for promotional relationships, and organize marketing on their behalf with influencers to produce real results. Our influencer marketing agency focuses on increasing sales, producing leads, and growing business through influencer marketing, rather than just raising awareness or online engagement. We use a unique approach to influencer marketing because some of our team have been or are online influencers and know what influencers look for in marketing partners and what their audiences crave.

When is Traditional PR appropriate?

We believe strongly in digital marketing for its ability to achieve quantifiable results, but sometimes traditional public relations and print media can be the extra push needed for a broad spectrum marketing campaign. When needed, we work with our clients to promote special events and brand awareness through traditional PR and print media advertising.

If a business has just started, about to open a new location, rebranded, or is having a special event at their store, traditional PR is often appropriate. We help clients by contacting our extensive list of traditional media contacts and serve as a media contact to facilitate traditional media stories for magazine, newspaper or television stories.

Traditional print media and radio advertising can play an important role in a large scale marketing campaign. We analyze a client’s marketing and business goals during our marketing consultation and may advise incorporating traditional media advertising into the marketing mix. We help clients to create traditional media ads that meet their marketing goals, whether it is a print ad, traditional media outlet ad, billboard, radio ad, or other traditional advertising opportunity.

Should I choose a digital marketing agency for Traditional PR?

Our traditional PR work is done in tandem with our digital marketing work. Newspapers, television and other legacy broadcast mediums continue to decline as digital marketing continues to grow. As a growth oriented marketing agency, we believe marketing in today’s climate should be focused primarily on digital rather than traditional marketing. We best serve clients looking for digital marketing as their primary focus for their advertising budget though we are happy to help with traditional PR when needed.

In particular, combining a traditional PR campaign with influencer marketing and digital advertising into a incorporated marketing campaign is an effective way to gain the most benefit from marketing dollars with a comprehensive approach. As leaders in influencer marketing and digital marketing, our team is uniquely qualified to help your business grow through integrated marketing.

How Can I get Started with Influencer Marketing or Integrated PR Services?

Most clients who work with us on an influencer campaign are searching for a marketing partner they can trust who will become advocates of their brand on the long term. We understand that integrated marketing is more than a one-time campaign and work closely with our clients to achieve business goals through influencer marketing. To get started, contact us to schedule your free initial consultation to learn about how we can help you with an integrated marketing campaign, influencer marketing or other marketing needs.