Digital Marketing Consultation and Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Consultations and Marketing Strategy

Our experienced team of internet marketing strategy consultants work with clients to help their businesses grow through strategic marketing and advertising strategies. In our digital marketing consultations, we help clients develop a strategic digital marketing plan, marketing objectives and marketing tactics to put them on the path towards success.


Don’t know where to start marketing your business online or what marketing plan will work for you? Our marketing strategy consultation helps your company narrow down your marketing plan into actionable steps.


We work one-on-one with businesses to create a marketing plan unique to that business’ strengths, ideal clientele, competition, weaknesses and marketing budget. No two marketing consultations are the same because every business has its own unique struggles and challenges to overcome with strategic marketing. At the end of our digital marketing consultation, our clients walk away with confidence in their marketing plan, marketing tactics built with their business goals in mind, a marketing budget allocated to create the biggest effect, and a plan for measurement to track progress.

Our internet marketing consultation focuses on three stages: discovery, measurement, and planning.


In our marketing consultation, we work with clients to identify their business’s strengths and weaknesses and create a plan for how they can compete in the marketplace and grow their business. We take time to get to know your business, your competition, and clientele in the first stage of the consultation.

In the discovery stage, we identify the key pieces to a successful marketing plan. If you’ve never analyzed your marketing closely before, find that your marketing strategy isn’t working, or are trying to start a company from the ground up, the discovery stage is where our consultants help you identify the foundations of your marketing plan. Like most of our clients, you might not know what your marketing numbers mean or even how to make sense of what’s working and what isn’t to know where to go next.


The goal of strategic digital marketing is to ensure that your marketing is impacting your bottom line but if you’re not closely monitoring the effects of marketing on your business, you likely have no idea how your marketing dollars are influencing your profits, growth or goals. We help clients identify the most important digital marketing objectives for digital marketing campaigns.

The second stage of our digital marketing consultation focuses on setting key performance indicators based on your unique business objectives and goals. In this stage, we work with you to create a marketing measurement system that will allow you to know how your marketing is performing at a glance and what impact it makes on your day to day operations and overall growth. Instead of adding another dashboard to your business that you don’t understand or can’t tie directly to your profitability, we help you link your marketing to your business finances in a way that makes sense.


We take our discoveries from the consultation to develop a marketing plan and budget that will guide day-to-day marketing work. After learning about your business and industry, we craft a step-by-step plan for marketing that establishes everything that needs to be done to help your company see real results.

Each marketing plan is unique to the client, focusing on the right combination of marketing strategies and advertising strategies with a realistic budget. We help clients allocate their marketing budgets to get the most out of their marketing dollars with the best marketing strategies for their business based on our discoveries.

At the end of the marketing consultation, you walk away with confidence in your strategic marketing plan and knowledge about which strategies are most important. By the end of the consultation, we’ve built a high level of trust with our clients and often take on the role of marketing implementation and manage the day-to-day marketing work. However, you’re welcome to take the marketing plan and use it as you see fit.


During our digital marketing consultation, we get to know what makes your business unique and why your customers are drawn to your business. We often go through the process of what your clients experience to help you identify points where you could use marketing to better serve your clientele and find new leads and customers.

We start almost all of the work we do with clients with a digital marketing consultation to ensure everything we do for your company makes sense for your needs and nothing is wasted. Digital marketing consultations ensure that our team is efficient and focused on the best way to serve your business and create growth. However, at the end of the marketing consultation, you’re welcome to take the plan to another digital marketing company to implement or even do it in house on your own.

Our marketing consultation begins with a meeting where we discuss your business and learn about your current customers and growth goals. Depending on what we learn in the first meeting, we use different strategies to dig deep into your business and learn how to help it grow. Strategies that we may use to develop a marketing plan include:

  • In store visits to learn more about how your store interacts with and presents itself customers
  • Interviews with staff on popular products, services, and new trends
  • Customer satisfaction/marketing surveys
  • In depth analysis of competitor’s marketing
  • Visits to competitors stores
  • In depth analysis of your current marketing efforts including analysis of social media effectiveness, email open rates, and other data-driven marketing insights

Once we have developed the marketing plan, we create a written plan and discuss it in a final meeting. At our final meeting, we set a budget and finalize the marketing plan so it can be used as a guide for our ongoing marketing services or used by your marketing team.


Contact us to get started with a free initial consultation to see if our process is the right fit for your company. Not all companies are ready for the valuable insights and intense honesty of our digital marketing consultations so our initial consultation serves as a way for us to get to know each other. We work very closely with leadership in your company as external partners.

Contact us to find out more about developing a digital marketing plan for your company.