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Case Study - Sarah Von Bargen

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About This Project

After a decade as a successful lifestyle blogger, Sarah Von Bargen wanted to optimize her site to produce more income and increase her traffic. She was already an award-winning blogger who has received accolades from the likes of ProBlogger, BuzzFeed, and even Google, but despite having professional level marketing experience, Sarah turned to us to get the most out of her online presence. She wanted to continue to grow her audience but without having to advertise or increase her content creation.

Overtime we have become Sarah’s trusted technology and SEO advisor to help her oversee her websites, including

A Transformative Business Decision

One of the best, smartest, most-stress reducing things I’ve ever done was hire Orsanna. If you need SEO or tech help, hire them. – Sarah Von Bargen

Tripling Income & Website Traffic

We helped Sarah make small but transformative changes to her website and content creation processes that lead to a dramatic increase in website traffic. Before we started working with Sarah, she had around 40,000 visits to her website every month. Her traffic grew to over 170,000 monthly visits in a few short months with our SEO work. Working with us dramatically changed her business to allow her to successfully launch her first products because it became a viable opportunity with the increased organic reach.

We optimized Sarah’s website for search engines and over two hundred of her most important blog posts for her target audience. After a few months, her traffic increased over 325% overall and she tripled her income, allowing her to tap into a passive revenue stream and giving her the freedom she wanted.

Continuing Our Relationshiplifestyle blogger website design

After helping Sarah with her lifestyle blog, we worked with her on other projects because of her trust in our work. We helped Sarah transition from providing freelance marketing services on her personally branded site,, to solely making her income off of her blog. As part of that transition, we merged her content and created a custom website for her personal site to engage visitors and redirect their attention to her lifestyle blog without losing interest.

We launched a custom designed, highly mobile-responsive website that transitions the design across multiple devices seamlessly and focuses on converting visitors into subscribers.

We developed a unique design that focuses attention on signing up for her email list that produced a 2% conversion rate and continues to grow her ability to make money passively online.

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