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Heidi Carey Jewelry

Project Overview

Heidi Carey Jewelry came to us with an idea of who they should target with digital marketing but data showed that they were missing a significant portion of their best customers and spending their budget ineffectively. Instead of using trial and error and waiting years to gain necessary insight for success, Heidi Carey Jewelry walked away with intimate knowledge of their ideal customers’ shopping habits and desires.


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About the Project

Problems & solutions

The Brief

Heidi Carey started her business somewhat by accident. A former designer for Polo Ralph Lauren under Vera Wang, Heidi started amassing a collection of semi-precious gemstones and beads from her travels around the globe. She made a few necklaces for herself and friends as gifts and word quickly spread among her personal connections about her new jewelry. Within the first few months, Heidi realized she had created a profitable business.

The Plan

We worked closely with Heidi and her team to narrowly define their ideal customers through interviewing women in their target market about their jewelry shopping habits, researching competitors’ marketing, and combing through purchases made on their online store to fully understand the woman who wanted to buy Heidi’s unique and bold jewelry. We used the information to create a growth-focused marketing plan and path forward.

Project Results

Our Work

A Clear Direction for Marketing Investment & Actions

As a new brand, Heidi Carey Jewelry was starting from scratch to establish a market niche. After establishing a firm idea of their target clients, we developed a marketing plan based on interviewee’s online shopping habits, market research, and our marketing expertise and experience. We developed an annual and monthly budget allocation for Heidi Carey Jewelry to best use their marketing dollars, outlined a step-by-step marketing plan to help them understand marketing execution, and set out what to routinely measure to ensure success.

At the end of the marketing consultation, Heidi Carey Jewelry entrusted our agency with managing their marketing. Within the first month, Heidi Carey Jewelry saw dramatic increases in marketing message engagement and sales to new customers who were previously unfamiliar with the brand.

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