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Case Study - Emerson Scott, LLP

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About This Project

Emerson Scott, LLP was a new firm made up of old-school lawyers who were unsure how to gain a new stream of clients in today’s legal market. The principal attorneys at Emerson Scott, LLP started their practice after decades of working in another partnership. Despite their experiences as nationally recognized lawyers, they were starting fresh with a new firm and new challenges in a changing, increasingly competitive legal landscape.

They needed to diversify their revenue streams by transitioning from solely class action representation to a diversified portfolio and get started a legal website that conveyed their experience and qualifications. The challenge was to cultivate a new stream of clients but it meant moving into the highly-competitive personal injury practice area where they were being outspent by competitors.

Finding a needle in a haystack

We were tasked with finding a person qualified and willing to participate in a lawsuit as a class representative for a case Emerson Scott, LLP wanted to pursue. We worked with them to locate a class representative for a consumer class action with Facebook advertising. In less than two weeks and a small budget of $250 in ad spend, Emerson Scott, LLP signed a client to take their case to court that has the potential to produce tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Creating an Online Space Worthy of Winning

Emerson Scott, LLP needed to start their new firm off on the right foot with a website that conveyed their experience, created a brand of authority, and cultivated leads by getting visitors to contact them. We incorporated high-quality images to give the website a sense of gravitas that is difficult for stock imagery to display. The new website design focuses on presenting the company as an established legal firm, despite their recent launch. Overall, clients and colleagues have been impressed by the website.

After working with Emerson Scott, LLP on this project, we have continued to serve the firm with on-going digital marketing support to target niche cases important to the firm’s continued success.


We’ve also produced organic leads for Emerson Scott, LLP through well-written website pages and content to help their firm’s website rise in Google rankings and attract visitors. We created a page for a new practice area on their website and within 35 days of launching, they already had been contacted by a lead for that new practice area without any advertising. Instead, their website earned the lead solely through our work to optimize their content for search engines and organic search rankings. Because of our unique skills as SEO copywriters and conversion specialists combined with legal knowledge, we craft content for Emerson Scott, LLP’s website that requires very little input from their staff, allowing them to cultivate leads easily and with a low-cost commitment.

Creating a new stream of clients

Expanding services can be a difficult, costly way to grow a business. We helped Emerson Scott, LLP keep costs in check while still getting in front of potential clients already interested in their services through engaging website content, targeted search engine optimization strategies, and Adwords. By using an integrated approach, we optimized ads to gain top placements at a below-average ad spend. We dramatically increased their search engine rankings in 6 months, reduced their cost-per-click, and decreased lead acquisition costs by obtaining top placements for highly competitive keywords. Overall, the firm has seen rapid growth in their practice areas with minimal risk.

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