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Emerson Firm

We were tasked with finding a person qualified and willing to participate in a lawsuit as a class representative for a case Emerson Scott, LLP wanted to pursue. We worked with them to locate a class representative for a consumer class action with Facebook advertising. In less than two weeks and a small budget of $250 in ad spend, Emerson Scott, LLP signed a client to take their case to court that has the potential to produce tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.


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About the Project

Problems & solutions

The Brief

The statute of limitations was nearly expired on a lucrative class action case—but Emerson Firm hadn’t found a class representative through conventional means.

The Plan

We created highly targeted Facebook ads for the case using information about the ideal class representative.

Facebook Ads for Lawyers Case Study

Project Results

Our Work

We successfully found a representative through the campaign within 7 days with enough time for the firm to process the client and file the suit.

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