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The firm saw an opportunity to expand their practice areas and represent new types of clients. We created search engine optimized content on their site to drive leads. Within two months, they ranked first nationwide for search terms related to their new practice area and were overwhelmed by the interest from prospective clients.


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About the Project

Problems & solutions

The Brief

The firm saw an opportunity to pursue lucrative new cases, but the cost per click costs to advertise on the keywords were incredibly high. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per click, we researched the SEO difficulty and saw a market opportunity to drive traffic organically with a minimal investment in content marketing.

The Plan

We created a single authority page on their website with extensive search engine optimization using well-researched keyword information and legal knowledge about what kinds of cases the client was looking for. The strategy was centered on driving leads and saving their advertising budget for other keywords as the firm dipped its toes into uncharted waters with a new practice area.

law firm seo rankings case study
Sessions to the optimized landing page after launch

Project Results

Our Work

Within two months, they ranked first nationwide for searches related to the target practice area for their new cases and had lots of new leads and traffic to their website as a result. Because of our work, Emerson Firm continues to rank in the top positions for their new practice area, even years later, without a continued investment in that practice area.

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