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Case Study - Conway Counseling & Wellness Center

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About This Project

Conway Counseling & Wellness Center is disrupting the counseling industry by providing extensive counseling care combined with wellness care in one facility. Despite having a new approach to helping patients live better lives, the company needed to be able to compete with other similarly positioned businesses in their area.

An added challenge to the project was timing the website launch with a new location for the Center, allowing the website to reap SEO benefits before making the switch to a new building.

Focused on Local Growth

Since the launch of their website, Conway Counseling & Wellness Center has grown their staff and have had a staggering amount of success. They’re now meeting with clients throughout Central Arkansas and growing their practice beyond Conway.

Building an Approachable Website Design for Conway Counseling

Website design for counseling practice

We built a website that showcases Conway Counseling & Wellness Center’s unique approach to counseling care while creating a comfortable, approachable brand. Because many individuals speaking their services are nervous about seeking counseling, one of the main goals was to build a website that was calming, answered questions, and motivated visitors to call to schedule an appointment.

Our focus was to best serve Conway Counseling by optimizing their website for a large range of locally focused keywords. We also provided high-quality website photos of their staff, their new facility, and integrated additional local SEO into their website to target local search terms.

After completing their website, we have continued to provide website maintenance support for Conway Counseling to help them maintain a high-quality website and SEO on the long-term.

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