Using Facebook for Highly Targeted Law Firm Marketing

Even if your small business isn’t a law firm, you can learn a thing or two about how we’re using Facebook to find the perfect client for class action lawyers.

Lawyers who want to file class actions need a very specific person who is ready to represent the class—and that’s a tough marketing goal to achieve. Not only do they need a qualified lead who meets their extremely narrow specifications, attorneys need to find someone who is willing to pursue legal action that could take years to resolve and countless hours of meeting with attorneys, giving statements, and more.

There’s probably only a handful of these people for each case they want to pursue so that means using highly targeted legal advertising to find that individual that makes the case a reality.

At Orsanna, we recently worked with Emerson Scott, LLP to locate the ideal client for a class action lawsuit that resulted in the case being successfully filed in under two weeks. Emerson Scott successfully filed a class action suit with a client who bought a particular part for their vehicle from a certain auto care center in Texas. Talk about a very specific client!

Why Facebook is Perfect for Highly Targeted Marketing

Facebook knows a lot about their users. If you’ve never poked around Facebook’s advertising platform before, you’ll probably be surprised to see all of the demographic information they know about their users.

Sure, you’d expect Facebook to know you like a certain author because you liked their page. But Facebook probably also knows information about your most recent purchases online, what charities you donate to, what you like to do in your free time, and even more. Wordstream has a great infographic with many of Facebook’s ad targeting options if you’d like to see more of them.

For law firms and small businesses, all of this information is at your disposal if you’re ready to use it and set up a Facebook ad. And that means you can have a highly targeted marketing campaign that only shows to a very specific individual—your ideal client.

How we used a $250 Facebook Ad to find a Class Representative

For Emerson Scott, LLP, we knew the exact profile of the individual they needed to find for their class action and created an ad set with 16 different ads targeted only at Facebook users we believed would be interested in becoming a class representative. With a small $250 budget, our goal was to get at least one individual to become a class representative and file before the statute of limitations ran out a few weeks later.

We tested out 16 ads over a few days and isolated the best of the bunch that were reaching the most people in our target group to put our $250 budget straight into the best ad as quickly as possible. In just a few days, the Facebook ad reached over 15,000 individuals and attracted a lot of attention to the landing page and class action.

Thanks to highly targeting with Facebook demographics, we helped Emerson Scott find a class representative. The individual client we helped obtain for the firm fit the profile exactly as needed to file the case, allowing the class action law firm to file quickly under a tight deadline.

How You Can Use This Facebook Tactic in Your Law Firm or Small Business

The truth about digital marketing is that there’s very little variation between industries, despite that marketing a law firm and a jewelry store might look really different. At the end of the day, both marketing campaigns will often complete the same tasks to get new customers.

If you’re a lawyer and want to obtain new clients with Facebook marketing, setting up a Facebook demographic profile of your ideal client base is the first step. The same goes for any other kind of business.

Working out exactly what your best customers look like to Facebook can help you create a great ad that gets results for your business and better understand what they’re looking for online. To figure out what your customers look like, you can consider using the following to research your customer base:

  • Existing customer database with a “lookalike” audience with similar traits
  • Researching individuals who have already liked your page or purchased from your business to look for similarities
  • Asking your best customers what they love on Facebook from other brands and what they do online

Spending time to get your demographic targeting just right before you launch a Facebook campaign can make all the difference when it comes to getting new clients. On top of that, knowing this information can help other digital marketing efforts be more effective too.

We offer legal marketing services  and lawyer ad services as an attorney owned and operated marketing agency that can help your firm grow. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you get more clients with Facebook ads and social media advertising, contact our digital marketing team for more information.

Written By
Kim Herrington
Updated Oct.16.19