Successful Design Leads to Law Firm Growth

Emerson Scott, LLP

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About The Project

The principal attorneys at Emerson Scott, LLP started their practice after decades of working in other partnerships. Despite their experiences as nationally recognized lawyers, they were starting fresh with a new firm and new challenges in a changing, increasingly competitive legal landscape and were unsure how to gain a new stream of clients in today’s legal market. 

The challenge was to cultivate a new stream of diverse clients but it meant moving into the highly-competitive personal injury practice area where they were being outspent by competitors. 

Project Results

We launched a website that conveyed their experience, created a brand of authority, and cultivated leads by getting visitors to contact them. 

After working with Emerson Scott, LLP on this project, we continued to serve the firm with on-going digital marketing support to target niche cases important to the firm’s continued success and they have seen a return on their investment in our marketing services.

Overall, the firm saw rapid growth in their practice areas with minimal risk.

Notable Achievements

Notable Results