Central Tube and Bar

Return on Investment in Marketing

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About The Project

Central Tube & Bar came to us needing a website redesign and an overhaul of their marketing after years of largely leaving their marketing untouched. Central Tube & Bar needed a new website that highlighted the years of experience in manufacturing parts for industrial applications and that allowed them to be nationally competitive.

They also wanted to expand their investment in marketing while seeing a return on their marketing dollars with an integrated approach to marketing.

Project Results

We helped get their marketing back on track, focusing on finding new ways to reach their customers across a wide range of digital channels, including email and social media. We created a website that conveys their position as leaders in their industry who serve their clients with exceptional service and dependability.

After launching their website, we deployed an integrated marketing campaign, using SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media marketing, social media advertising, email automations, and earned media placements. As a result, Central Tube and Bar has seen "considerable organic growth", as Eric Chambers, Director of Business Development, mentioned in an industry interview in FFJournal.

Notable Achievements

Notable Achievements

  • 725% Increase in Website Contacts
  • 40% Increase in Customer Leads Overall
  • 304% Increase in Search Rankings
  • Advanced Lead Targeting with Social Ads
  • Best Sales Year in Recent Records

“We’re seeing a surprising return on investment from social media. We get a lot of RFQs through our website and social media.”

– Eric Chambers, Central Tube and Bar, as interviewed in FFJournal