Big John Tree Spade Manufacturing

Comprehensive Marketing for Increased Sales

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About The Project

Big John manufactures tree moving machines and sells them worldwide in a very competitive, niche market. Their marketing needed to explain what tree spades are to new customers, engage current customers looking for new machines, and expand their market position in a tight market. They wanted to maintain their position as a leader in the tree spade industry and target customers across the globe. 

The biggest challenges for them to overcome where that most of their overseas audience access the website from older mobile devices with limited internet access and their market at home was beginning to be oversaturated. Many of their customers have also never seen a tree spade before and needed photos and videos to help explain how the machines work and the unique features, value, and quality of their products in a competitive, niche market.

Project Results

Big John has continued to be a customer for years, entrusting all their marketing to our agency. 

We've executed a marketing strategy focused on gaining more top rankings in search engines with international SEO techniques, engaging with new and long time customers on social media to increase reviews of their brand, and earning media mentions through video content and content marketing. We used email automations and customer management to help them better manage leads and increase their sales close rate.

We've also redesigned their website, creating an impressive custom website and produced videos and photos to show off their machines to new customers that work well on older mobile devices with limited internet access.

Notable Achievements

Notable Achievements

  • 291% Increase in Website Contacts
  • 188% Increase in Phone Calls
  • 77% Increase in Search Rankings
  • 38% Increase in Customer Leads Overall
  • Video earned media placements with over 4M views
  • 34% Increase in Email List Subscribers