What Does a Marketing Firm Do?

One question we often get asked is what does a marketing firm do? It can be hard to understand at first what marketing activities a marketing firm can do for your business or law firm and how exactly it will benefit your business growth. (more…)

Want Quick Positive ROI on Marketing? Try PPC

If you’re looking for a quick win for your small business digital marketing, you should consider looking into pay-per-click advertising. With a short startup timeline and a unique advertising payment system, PPC ads make it very easy for businesses to quickly see a return on their investment. (more…)

How much should I spend marketing my small business?

The first question on most small business owners’ minds is “how much should I budget for digital marketing?” In fact, it’s the most common question we’re asked at Orsanna when we’re helping clients figure out how digital marketing can make a big impact on their business goals. (more…)

Does Content Marketing Matter in 2017?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of blogging for your small business. Content marketing can help your business get more traffic, build relationships with your prospective customers and current clients, and build your reputation. On top of that, the effects of content marketing can last a long time after you hit publish. (more…)

2017 Website Checklist

Despite that 2017 has just started, your small business is probably already behind on some important website changes for the new year. (more…)

Arkansas Web Design Focuses on Mobile

Arkansas web design needs to focus on mobile-friendly design because of a few important factors. Most notably, much of Arkansans are still not connected to traditional internet and use their mobile phones as their sole device for connecting to the internet. (more…)

How to Take Advantage of Facebook Extended Search

A few of our team members noticed a new addition to Facebook search over the last few weeks. Instead of only being able to search for people, pages, or groups, Facebook now searches past posts based on the keywords you’ve entered into the search bar, including posts from outside your network. (more…)

What is White Hat SEO?

Search engine optimization is full of jargon that makes it difficult for business owners to understand exactly how SEO can benefit their companies. In fact, not understanding the basics of how SEO works can end up costing your company a lot if you choose the wrong SEO company. (more…)

How to Choose an SEO Company

Getting the best results for your investment in SEO comes down to working with a search engine optimization consultant or company that is capable of getting the best results for your company. But choosing a company that can do that isn’t as always straightforward as it might seem. (more…)