We solve fundamental business problems with digital marketing

Our marketing centers on the lean analytical process to move the needle on client's key performance metrics using a proven structure and methods.

Our Lean Analytical Process

Structuring Iterative Marketing

Our team uses a lean analytical process and marketing structure we've developed over years of working closely with clients to reduce risks, make processes easier, and better impact our clients' business goals, all while allowing for flexiblity and nimble marketing to capitalize on market conditions.

As an overview to working with us, you'll find a general workflow detailed below about how we work with clients. Every client and project is unique and this structure acts as the backbone to our process, branching out and changing as necessary for each client's needs.

Step 1: Plan

Identify Goals & Define Success

Regardless if you're working with us on a website project or ongoing marketing services, we always start our process the same way. We get to know your company, your business goals, and your target market. Our process centers on acheiving business goals through marketing that make an impact for your business.

  • Determine your most important success metrics
  • Analyze your competitors, market opportunities, and unique values
  • Choose marketing channels and budgets
  • Develop a marketing plan focused on acheiving key success metrics

Step Two: Execute

Implement with Creativity & Data

Armed with a plan and data unique to your business, we implement marketing campaigns using proven techniques and strategies we've developed through previous iterative processes and past work. During execution of marketing campaigns, we bring our knowledge from past campaigns and experience to your marketing to reduce waste and improve quality of results.

  • Develop marketing campaign creative
  • Edit campaigns for quality compliance internally
  • Seek client approval before launching campaign creative
  • Monitor and reassign budgets to most productive campaign collateral

Step Three: Measure

Numbers don't lie

Our marketing isn't based on gut feelings for a reason: numbers are truth tellers that reveal the success and failure of campaigns. We analyze the results of marketing campaigns and use performance benchmarks to determine success. We focus on both the absolute numbers, like the number of leads produced with marketing, as well as relative increases in important metrics, like conversion rates or cost per client aquisition.

  • Analyze campaign and collateral performance
  • Compare with industry benchmarks and past client successes
  • Document with reporting and guided analysis
  • Discuss metrics, expectations, and changes with you

Step Four: Adjust

Improvement & Iterations

Based on the analysis, we determine what steps to take next. We look at successes and where performance can still be improved through iterative testing and analysis. Ongoing marketing services allow us to dial in campaigns created from our experiences of what works to develop the best campaigns that work for your business and unique needs. We also bring a wealth of experience to our clients through past successe from previous work.

  • Refocus on key success metrics and plans
  • Adjust marketing implementation as needed
  • Repeat exeuction & analysis